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Asked & Answered: GTAV First Person Experience, Online Heists and Much More

In the time since Grand Theft Auto V's release on new generation platforms, we've received lots of questions from the community about what is in store for the future, including the highly antic*pated launch of Online Heists, which was discussed in yesterday's IGN interview. Today, we've got a special Asked & Answered that addresses this and many other frequently asked questions we've seen recently. If you've got a question for us, as always, feel free to hit us up at and we'll do our best to provide you an answer if we can – and maybe even address your question in the future here at the Newswire.“Are you only doing first person games now? I have always loved Rockstar Games partly because they are third person games.” – Allen (via Mouthoff)Absolutely not! We are excited by the response to our first effort at a first person experience, but remain committed to third person games and may or may not use first person as a camera option in the future. We do like to, whenever possible, give people options so they can play a game the way they like.“To the people at Rockstar Games, could you guys please bring First Person to PS3 / Xbox 360?” – Brandon (via Mouthoff)“Why just have First Person on next-generation, why not on the other consoles? Could [you] add it to PS3 and Xbox [360] please?” - @DawsonSunderlanAs we’d mentioned in our recent interview with IGN, First Person Mode is a new feature that is only technically possible for us to add to the game with the expanded memory that the new generation platforms provide. There are thousands of new animations added to the game to facilitate First Person Mode, which would have been impossible to do on the previous generation of consoles without seriously compromising the game in some other capacity.&
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