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[RSS] #BIKERS Snapmatic Photo Challenge Winners
« dnia: Poniedziałek, 31 Październik 2016, 17:21:19 »
#BIKERS Snapmatic Photo Challenge Winners

Thanks to a fleet of new vehicles, along with new clothes and weapons to accompany a range of new illicit business ventures, GTA Online: Bikers unearthed a whole new world of creative possibilities for the Snapmatic community. Here, we proudly present the winners of the #BIKERS Snapmatic Photo Challenge, along with some exceptional honorable mentions.#BIKERS SNAPMATIC WINNERSCongratulations to the five chosen winners of the #Bikers challenge, each of whom took home a cool GTA$1,000,000 for their efforts.Outlaws by --EVOLUT7ON--Burn this mother down. Their new hogs parked just out of harm's way, --EVOLUT7ON-- and fellow members of The Magnificent Team set the O'Neil Ranch ablaze. Rat King by HandsomeHustlerrCan't knock the hustle. There's no doubt who the top dog of the junkyard is as HandsomeHustlerr stands next to his Rat Bike. Grand Senora Desert by BearandGunAs if the scenery wasn't breathtaking enough, BearandGun adds to the fading sky's beauty with this shot of an airborne Maibatsu Manchez.Rivals by Th3CosmicIn a roast of a battle, Th3Cosmic demonstrates this is anything but friendly as he lights up a rival compliments of the new Compact Grenade Launcher.Kickin' A** & Taking Names by AGuyWithBadLuckFor AGuyWithBadLuck things certainly seem to be going his way, standing his ground with a swift melee kick to an enemy biker.Other Honorable Mentions...A Coward's Worst Nightmare by Volganor - You can run but you can't hide as long as that Grenade Launcher is in Volganor's hands.Biker Duel (Jousting) by AlexSniperBullet - There's only one duel commandment on the streets of LS and Blaine, kill-or-be-killed. This snap by Alex is so nice, it's now been featured twice.Great Ocean HWY by PoomBEKOP - Reapers MC PC LS member PoomBEKOP strikes a killer pose under the shining lights of Mount Chiliad.Angels of Chaos by ChaosZake - This group of midnight riders make their way through the San Andreas darkness on the shine of their new two-wheeled monsters.Unite and Take Over by GVJLIMA - TMGT Lieutenant GVJLIMA, Representative MissJaguar and other members of this prolific Snapmatic Crew let their Rat Bikes do the walking and Battle Axes do the talking.The Right Lighter for Every Good Biker by JohnM90 - Keeping the dangers of unconventional lighting methods at bay with protective Outlaw Goggles, JohnM90 sparks up and looks good doing it. Previously:The GTA Online Community Hits the Road with BikersGTA Online: Bikers Now Available
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