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Crew Noticeboard: Barksdale Towers, Joint Spec Ops Team and Others Now Recruiting

The Crew Noticeboard is our featured column of Crews actively recruiting new members to join their ranks. We publish Crew recruitment pitches in their own words so that you know exactly what they're all about. This edition of Crew Noticeboard features pitches from a special ops team, a band of war-torn brothers and a Crew inspired by the syndicate from a popular television show - as well as Crews specifically looking to take down big scores in Heists and improve their standing on the GTA Online leaderboards. So whether you're new on the streets or are well-accustomed to the world of GTA Online and looking for some new comrades, you're sure to find them here or by perusing one of our previous editions of the Noticeboard. Those players looking for some of the more illicit activities that Los Santos has to offer can look no further than the Barksdale Towers. Inspired by The Wire, this Crew comes with an enviable Team Deathmatch record and boast their position in the top 5% of all GTA Online Crews."Unlike other Crews which are based around just one idea (e.g. bikers, cars, pilots etc.) our Crew is divided into 3 parts to cover every aspect of GTA Online: Hitmen, Drivers & Intelligence. This combination means that we see you coming before you even think about it! Our official Team Deathmatch Record vs other Crews is 12-2! Our current Crew rank is now #3,123 and is rising every day! I take pride in knowing that my Crew is in the top 5% in all of GTA Online! This Crew has been here since Day 1 and continues to thrive.Motto: When you come at the KING! YOU BEST NOT MISS!" Barksdale TowersThe Joint Spec Ops Team and their founder smellytristan run a tight, well-organized Crew complete with a small board of directors. New recruits are given four distinct divisions to choose from and the Crew promises a wide range of GTA Online activities to take part in."The Joint Special Operations Team is a military Crew in Grand Theft Auto Online that specializes in Free Mode combat. We take pride in our mature and experienced Hierarchy and use that as an advantage when it comes to Combat Training. There are four divisions in JSOT that you as a new member have to choose from upon joining; Infantry, Naval, Air, and Recon. When it comes to making important Crew decisions, JSOT has a small board of directors known as "Command", who gather to vote on the subject at hand. Other than messing around in Free Mode lobbies, our members will embark on Missions, Heists, and TDM's. A few of our members are avid GTA Snapmatic photographers, so we spend a fair amount of time taking great pictures too! If you are interested in joining you can fill out an application.Motto: Killing. Chilling. Thrilling."Joint Spec Ops TeamJIIITher_JokerIIIK and his Crew, The Brotherhoods, are a band of war-torn soldiers with a focus on team play and camaraderie. The Crew promotes a lax dress code of "whatever the hell you want", so if you're looking for a tight-knit but casual bunch then The Brotherhoods may be for you."The Brotherhoods was founded in 2012 as an Xbox 360 crew, but in time has evolved to playing on other consoles. We spend our time preparing for what lies ahead in GTA Online and training ourselves on how to adapt to all situations we’re thrown into. We are aligned with The Creator Core Club, but have our own set of laws to abide by:Crew Spirit - Crew members are not obligated to set their “Active Crew” to The Brotherhoods, but you cannot be promoted higher than Muscle if you do not.Team Play - There is no expectation to be Online at certain times, but when Online Crew members should be playing with other Crew members.Harassment - Any accusations of harassment between Crew members will be discussed and voted on by the Crew Commissioners and Leader. If found guilty, the Crew member who committed the offense could be banned or just given a warning.Crew Dress Code - Whatever the hell you want.Recruitment - New recruits must have a K/D of at least 0.8, an age of at least 17, and must work well in a group.Motto: "Orphaned by the war, but bounded as a family”. The BrotherhoodsPlayers new to the world of GTA Online can find a home with the Los Santos OutCasted Crew. This squad’s looking for new recruits to bolster their Hierarchy and won't stop until they reach 500 members. Volunteers can expect an easy-going atmosphere with an emphasis on just having fun."A Crew for the OutCasted players to join and rise to the top of San Andreas. We won't stop at nothing till we reach our goal to 500 OutCasted brothers. We will be active daily and also do missions together. If you are a low rank player do not worry: the OutCasted will help you rank up. We are currently recruiting skilled and active players.Rules: Always be activeRespect one anotherAlways have LSOC Tag on at all times.HAVE FUN!"Los Santos OutCasted The LS ELITE HITSQUAD are a loyal Crew led by the aptly named CRIME-BOSS. This band of devoted outlaws value teamwork above all else, especially when it comes to taking on other Crews. Players looking to join will be welcomed into one of two divisions - one for Heists and one for Deathmatches."LS ELITE HITSQUAD are currently looking for players who value teamwork and loyalty to join their ranks. We do Crew battles with other prominent Crews, and have a network of players to join up with for Heists and Missions. To partic*pate in the Crew battles you must complete an assessment of your skill, but which will not be based on your K/D ratio or Rank.If you’re interested in joining Add GT: OPT1MUS x CRiME, GT:Real G likeJoel for Deathmatch division, GT:CLASSWARR for Heist division, GT:BUSSUB273."LS ELITE HITSQUADOf course, if you're already part of a Crew on the hunt for new blood, drop a link in the comments below along with your pitch. Alternatively you can hit us up at and let us know why we should feature your Crew on a future edition of the Crew Noticeboard.Previously:The Off-Road All-Stars, Cycle Cycos, Vinewood Locos and Others Now RecruitingPC Crews Rally for New MembersHeist Crews Seeking Accomplices
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