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Crew Noticeboard: The Off-Road All-Stars, Cycle Cycos, Vinewood Locos and Others Now Recruiting

The Crew Noticeboard is our featured column of Crews actively recruiting new members to join their ranks. We publish Crew recruitment pitches in their own words so that you know exactly what they're all about.This edition of the Crew Noticeboard showcases pitches from motorcycle clubs, off-road mountain scalers and gas mask-toting madmen – as well as Crews actively drafting players to tackle Online Heists, Daily Objectives and to shoot Vinewood blockbusters together with using the Rockstar Editor. So whether you're new to the world of GTA Online and looking for like-minded individuals or a seasoned player looking for some new partners in crime, you're sure to find a bunch to fit the bill here or by browsing previous editions of the Noticeboard. The Off-Road All-Stars, led by lvl-Ph03nix-lvl, are on the hunt for some fellow adrenaline-junkies to help scale the mountainous terrain of San Andreas. This off-road Crew are extremely coordinated with weekend trail events and even publish their own monthly magazine. Players looking to get off the beaten track will love this Crew."The Off-Road All-Stars spend their time away from the usual hijinks of a bloodthirsty city, making the most of every rock, beach, incline, nook & cranny and turn every climb into one hell of an adventure. Not only this, but our Crew of 124 - and growing daily, thanks to a highly active base of individuals, regularly hosted meets, social media, videos and (most recently) our crew E-zine - have formed a community of people who genuinely respect and like each other. As twee as it may sound, joining the All-Stars is pretty much ensuring that you're going to be making friends with the people you'll spend all of your GTAO time with. We don't just off-road - we tackled the Heists in Crew teams, do Missions and drag-races together, terrorise the poor NPCs of Los Santos, go head-to-head with cops (and troublesome players, of course), go diving and jet-skiing and parachuting... the list is endless... Don't take my word for it though, just take a few minutes to check out our E-zine and see the amazing amount of work and time that has gone into bringing this Crew to life."  Off-Road All-StarsThose looking for the type of camaraderie that comes with leathers and a trusty chopper should look no further than the CYCLE CYCOS MC. Though newly formed, they are looking to expand and are currently on the hunt for new recruits. More info, videos and pictures can be found on their official website."CYCLE CYCOS MOTORCYCLE CLUB now recruiting active and loyal members. We strive to bring you the most original MC experience on GTA. We help our brothers at all costs: If you need money we provide it; if you need a bike we will get you one; if you need brothers to do a Heist or Missions, we will be there to help. We have a weekly schedule to keep our members busy and to make sure everyone has a good time.  We also have weekly combat training and weekly club rides and formation practice. We hold a church meeting every Sunday to recap on the following week and plan for the future. We also have lots of photo ops, video shoots, club rides and events."Motto: Motorcycle Club, Culture, and Customs since 2015. CYCO 4 CYCLES! CYCLE CYCOS MCThe Vinewood Locos, founded by RTRivera, are searching for new Crew members to take scores and earn big money. The Crew is well organized with an active subreddit where members share their exploits and discuss future events and meetups."Are you looking to make a lot of money, level up, and have a great time doing it? Do you need assistance in becoming a criminal mastermind? Then look no further than The Vinewood Locos. We are a multi-gen/multi-platform crew looking for new members aged 25 & up. Any players that want to have a fun & cooperative experience with other GTA players should check out the sidebar on our Crew subreddit and introduce themselves if they agree with our very simple set of rules. Mics are preferred, but not required. Do your best to communicate and the experience will be better for us all." Introduce yourself to the Crew hereVinewood Locos YouTube channelThe Vinewood Locos Don't let the name Sunshine Syndicate fool you, Sal_Capone and the rest of his Crew mean business judging by their motto: "When there's a drought of justice, bullets make good rain". This PC Crew is looking for new volunteers to spread their unique style of justice throughout the streets of Los Santos. "We run a fun little gang with my friends called Sunshine Syndicate. I'm looking to find more people that would enjoy every aspect of this game, including Heists, Races, Deathmatches, Contact Missions or just Free Roam. We have a Teamspeak server, most of us are centralized around EU, but there are a few from US East Coast that join us in the evening."  Sunshine SyndicateJabroni Jones Crew and their leader Bmilix are enlisting new soldiers to join their Crew for Heists, Daily Objectives and to star in the next Vinewood blockbuster using the Rockstar Editor."We are a group of regular GTA Online players who don't like to be tied down with strict rules and like to have fun with other Crew members. If you are having issues completing Daily Objectives, look no further than Jabroni Jones. Many Crew members love taking part in Contact Missions or various Heist activities in-game and would love to help you out. We're striving to make this an Open Crew that accepts anyone - no matter their play style. We also have members interested in serious content development for the game, as well as working on short films using the Rockstar Editor. Members will be able to share content freely with other members and get easy feedback on their work. Our group only has a small set of rules:Don't be a jerk to CrewmatesBe helpful towards CrewmatesMicrophone preferred, but in-game chat works for us as wellFeel free to join us today!Jabroni JonesAs always, if your Crew is on the lookout for new members, drop a link to your Crew in the comments section below along with a short pitch so that the Social Club community can check you out. You can also hit us up via to tell us what makes your Crew unique and we just might feature your upstart or established Crew here in a future edition of the Noticeboard. Previously:Crew Noticeboard: PC Crews Rally for New MembersCrew Noticeboard: Heist Crews Seeking AccomplicesCrew Noticeboard: The Unusual Females, LS Hell Hounds, Heavy Metal Invasion and Others Now Recruiting
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