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[RSS] Cunning #Stunts Snapmatic Photo Challenge Winners
« dnia: Wtorek, 2 Sierpień 2016, 15:01:20 »
Cunning #Stunts Snapmatic Photo Challenge Winners

Cunning Stunts has taken the GTA Online racing world to wild new heights and with new wheels to burn, tracks to run and attire to look the part, there’s been plenty for the talented Snapmatic community to capture. Presenting the winning photographs from our #STUNTS Snapmatic Photo Challenge, including our top five winners and a fantastic group of honorable mentions.#STUNTS SNAPMATIC WINNERSThanks to everyone who submitted their entry to the #STUNTS Snapmatic contest and congrats to our five winners, who each earned a GTA$1,000,000 award. Snapmaticart by snowgoose95Racers and their superbly color-matched bikes take the sharp turn of an apex corner in snowgoose95's tightly timed and well synchronized winning snap.Grand Senora Desert by Six-FaceIn between the concrete, high-rise walls of the Stunt Race Trench 1, Six-Face beautifully frames the Nagasaki BF400 mid-flight as a racer on a Bati 801RR spectates from below.Hot Wheels by def9779Riding the asphalt in a blaze of glory, def9779 showcases the Stunt-ready Obey Omnis in full, scorching triumph as it makes its mark on the road.Winner by BasimaticBasimatic's jubilant snapshot neatly sums up the classic phrase "to the victor go the spoils". With not one but two Annis RE-7Bs on display and the Jock Cranley Black Jumpsuit making an appearance amid the celebrations, it's a tantalizing glimpse of what awaits a winner.Cunning Stunts by greatlerWalk-away action shots don't come more explosive than this. Against a fireworks display of a flaming Declasse Burger Shot Stallion, Bravado Redwood Gauntlet, Vapid Piswasser Dominator and a cluster of bikes blasting skywards behind them, greatler's trio of racers take it all in stride.Other Honorable Mentions...Quick Pit Stop by booskaa - The Annis RE-7B gets some TLC in this well-framed mock pit stop by booskaa and crew.Oh! Hey Death, Wanna Race? by NataliePiers - It's a bold racing challenge, as a biker takes on Death and a fiery Vapid Trophy Truck.C U N N I N G S T U N T S TV ! ! by gucchan2015 - The bold and brassy Trophy Truck makes its big appearance on the big screen. Flip Squad by maks55amg - It's all about coordination in this excellently timed snap - from the Nagasaki BF400s flips right down to the colors and neat air time.Fort Zancudo by transparo - Showing how it's done, transparo's Annis RE-7B sails through the trials by fire of Stunt Race Double Loop with ease.?SWEEPSTAKES WINNERSA thank you again to all those who took part in the Official Cunning Stunts Event Sweepstakes. Congratulations to the winners, who each nabbed a GTAV prize pack: evil_jacques1, ImJustD3lirious, ZacTheCreator13, monkeyb33r and g00ber121. Previously:Play 5 New GTA Online: Cunning Stunts Races Today + New Vehicles, Bonuses and MoreNew Stunt Races and Vehicles Added to GTA Online: Cunning StuntsGTA Online: Cunning Stunts Now Available
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