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[RSS] Fan Art: Festive Finery, GIF Wrapped Goodies and More
« dnia: Piątek, 2 Styczeń 2015, 15:04:20 »
Fan Art: Festive Finery, GIF Wrapped Goodies and More

'Tis the season, and what better time to unwrap some of the latest and greatest artwork by the ever-creative GTA community. We start with a cheeky glimpse at how the stars of GTAV might look decked out in their festive finery, take in the latest GIF magic by Julia Scott, check out a Porsche with a killer paint job, and much more.As always, should you come across any impressive GTA or Rockstar-related art or photos, be sure to share them in the comments section for the community to enjoy or send them our way via Mouthoff and follow us at for all our latest official pics.Michael, Franklin, Trevor and even Chop get in the festive spirit with obligatory garish jumpers in these fun pictures Tweeted by @richardholland_. A "Merry F*ckin' Christmas" indeed from all of us here at Rockstar.Julia Scott, aka inkdrinker on Tumblr, is the GIF that keeps on giving. We've featured her Graphics Interchange Format masterworks a few times on the Newswire, and these piece on Trevor brilliantly captures his chaotic life leading up to the events of GTAV.  We featured Juan Muñoz back in August for his vintage portrait of Michael, Franklin and Trevor. More recently he has created this more contemporary take on the trio in his own distinctive style as seen on the left. On the right, we find out that Twitch streamer and friend of Rockstar Jade Jolie's skills aren't restricted to DNFs on our live streams. She shared these work-in-progress canvas paintings of Michael and Franklin on her Twitter account. UPDATE: check out Jade’s finished paintings (including Trevor) here.  We've seen minimally-styled posters for our games in the past, and this trio for GTAV, featuring Michael, Franklin and Trevor respectively by deviantARTist LandLCreations, are among our favorites. Despite the spartan approach you still get a strong feel for each character, and for the unmistakeable vistas of Los Santos and Blaine County. Simply titled "Firemen" (left) Andrea, aka thisgamergirl on Tumblr, has added flame and smoke effects to this shot of Michael and Franklin to give a real sense of the rising heat. Meanwhile, the-dead-trees on Tumblr shows some love to Wade (right). These cartoons by battybooo on Tumblr are just about as adorable as a blood-soaked bat wielding psychopath and a gun-toting serial robber can get. We're looking forward to seeing her take on Franklin, and also enjoyed this pic of Michael and Trevor getting schoolyard on one another.Blurring the lines between fiction and reality, this Snapmatic shot of the Ferris Whale on Del Perro Pier reflected in the water by thegta5photographer on Instagram is a stunner. Trevor Philips is a popular subject for fan art portraiture, and we're digging this piece by thisgamergirl on Tumblr.Looking like it rolled right out of TransFender Body Swap Shop, we're not sure if benjaminnparsons on Instagram drives this Porsche or simply spotted it out and about. Groooovy indeed! atleastoneperday on Tumblr specializes in stylish pen drawings inspired by games, movies and TV. This sketch of a mime artist, about to understand that Trevor's bat very much exists, caught our eye.Sometimes the simplest ideas produce the most eye-catching results. This timelapse Vine by ren hlasny manages to catch Trevor nicely with just a few strokes. Did Somebody Say Yoga? Michael wrestles with a new pastime in this less than flattering portrait by kristyphilips on Tumblr. Previously:Fan Art: Halloween at Bullworth, Masterwork Miniatures, GTA Tats and MoreFan Art: Snapmatic Surrealism, Bullworth GIFs, Throwback Art and MoreTrevor on Canvas, Damned Brotherhood Portraits, You Only Live Once Photo Journal & More
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