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Fan Art: Using the Rockstar Editor to Make Stunning Spherical Panoramas and More

Having seen the Rockstar Editor for GTAV PC used to make incredible creative videos, some cunning digital artists have also been utilizing the Editor's tools to create spectacular still images as well. We've featured two Editor artists immediately below, and also read on for some edgy GTA Online character illustrations, pixel-perfect in-game bullet art and impressive IRL ink as well."The World is Yours" by BerduuA fish-eye lens from a birds-eye view captures the curves of Los Santos in this spherical spectacle, stitched together by Berduu from around 200 separate shots captured while floating over the city in the Rockstar Editor. With the sun shimmering in the horizon, mountains and skyscrapers rise through the heights to really give the impression that you're on top of the world. This piece has also been inspiring others to try their hand at the technique such as Quantum_Logic on Steam. Check out Berduu's GTAV and Rockstar Games collection on Flickr for more skillfully crafted moments, including a portrait of our man T.P. that proved worthy of the coveted Reddit front page."Rainy Nights" by YOLOLOLOLO420Redditor YOLOLOLOLO420 also used the Rockstar Editor to create this incredible street scene, with the distant haze of city lights and worn roads under the slick of fresh rain looking super photo-realistic. The image was created via short recorded footage put through the Editor, then fine-tuned with camera, manual focus and lighting settings. This shot, and eight others, were created specifically as mobile phone wallpapers which you can find at DeviantArt or Imgur."Sticky Bomb" by Josh BruceJosh Bruce aka InkByte sums up the destructive impact of a well-timed explosion in this original poster paying homage YouTuber JackSepticEye and the popular weapon of choice for the merry pranksters of Los Santos."Heist" by im0chanIn first-person view, im0chan perfectly captures the breathless final moments of a GTA Online Heist as her comrades dash towards the extraction point to escape in the hovering chopper. Using a minimalist Art Nouveau style, the blue and orange of the sky and desert dominate but it is the fine detail of the wildflowers, wisps of hair and smoking chopper that really help Imo bring the scene to life."Chillin' Wit Da Homies" by Carlos DattoliFrom the tattoos and the statement tees, to the square-set muscle car, CarlosDattoliArt and his GTA Online pals are making the Los Santos storm drain their own."Gipsy" by Juan BrisBrix's GTA Online character, Gipsy fixes a cool blue gaze over a pair of Aviators, channeling that Los Santos retro vibe. More sketches of the mesmerizing Gipsy can be found at Brix's Behance gallery."David Darko" by Sheridan JohnsCommissioned by a friend to do a GTAV style portrait, digital illustrator Sheridan Johns' David Darko has it all - right down to the blood-specked wad of bills and the ready-steady baseball bat.  "Grand Theft Auto V Wallpaper" by Philippe SiqueiraGrove Street life is paused for a reflective moment in this original wallpaper by Philippe Siqueira AKA philippesiq with a hand-drawn touch in lines and colors.  "Chop" by VaultScoutIn the popular GTAV fandom tradition of adorable Chop art, VaultScout here shows that when Chop's not busy earning his daily chow, he's straight chilling.Bold strokes, blocks of red and fine inking make for an impressive almost avant-garde looking Red Dead Redemption tattoo from drewgovantattooist.Sariska's vision of Michelangelo’s iconic Creation of Adam takes GTAV Snapmatics into the classical arts era. We've seen excellent bullet art before but EHOT_KOCMOHABT, takes it to another level of meticulous detail. From tigers and wolves to an edgy spin on the classic skull and crossbones, each image has been crafted with remarkable precision. For more of EHOT_KOCMOHABT's stylish bullet work (and meme creator art), check out his Snapmatic gallery. Have you seen or created an exceptional bit of fan art or great Snapmatic photo that you'd like to share? Be sure to drop a link to it in the comments below for the Social Club community to enjoy or send it our way to see via Mouthoff and we’ll check it out. And if you aren't already, make sure you're following us on Twitter, where we regularly share awesome community creations. Previously:Maze Bank Logo Sculpture, Tommy Vercetti as a Plushie & More"A Hard Day's Heist", Homemade Los Santos Blueprint Map Skateboard Decks & More
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