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[RSS] Fan Photos: Snapmatic Selfies and Scenic Photography
« dnia: Piątek, 27 Wrzesień 2013, 00:09:35 »
Fan Photos: Snapmatic Selfies and Scenic Photography

From a non-stop selfie stream of 'Trevor being Trevor' to scenic vistas courtesy of professional photographers in the recently founded Landscape photographers of Los Santos and Blaine County flickr group, we've loved seeing your amazing and creative Grand Theft Auto V Snapmatic pics so far. Check out a round*p of fan-posted GTAV photos below that also includes a bit of fun fan art, LS Customs car action, and some launch week shenanigans.Share any other awesome shots you've seen (or posted) in comments - and stay tuned for the first in a series of special Social Club Snapmatic photo contests that we'll be launching soon.Landscape photographer Phil Rose, of the Landscape Photographers of Los Santos & Blaine County flicker group, shows off the softer side of Los Santos in his photo series recently featured on Kotaku. Another one of our favorites. Picturesque and pastoral, Phil Rose captures the Sawmill in a photo titled "Industry".Flexing some impressive top-down isometric cake-making technology, props to 'wife, mother, gamer, wannabe artist & cake decorator' @krayne213 for this awesome custom GTAV cake she whipped up to celebrate the game's midnight launch last week. Social Club member LeathalCrazydog was at the forefront of a 'shark out of water' Snapmatic trend, with shark hunters channeling their inner Quint and bringing the head, the tail, the whole damn thing on to dry land. If you're one of these fearless and cunning hunters, let us know what your method is. Selfies on selfies. This meta photo of @ellispowell94  posing with Franklin, has been called by some as a #SelfieInception. @jackkieexo went all in at Los Santos Customs with this pink Gallivanter Baller that @mr_camron would be proud of. Customized powder blue tire smoke an additional nice detail. That's a costly bit of cover! @rodrigorekel uses a freshly customized Truffade Adder as a shield. @binweasel snapped this one of Trevor looking a bit disgruntled at the checkout counter. Maybe he forgot the preorder receipt? It's a pig party - TPE style. "Am I blending in yet?" says @hdgaminlive Can never be too safe..." @ballyartanlad making sure he aces this particular escort mission.    And finally some charming fan art cartoons of Franklin, Michael & Trevor by @TroyBrown - check out a sweet little YouTube clip he posted showing how he quickly took it from sketch to final 'toon.Previously:Stickerbombings, Vercetti Selfies, Custom Kicks...#GTA Adorning Man and Machine
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