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Fan Pics Found on Instagram & Beyond: Liberty Landmarks, an Edible Marston, Max Payne Chucks and More

In our latest round*p of excellent fan-posted pics found around the web, we've come upon everything from a GTAV cover art remix done up Etch-a-Sketch style on a doodle board, to a Vice City fan who's really trying to be about that Vercetti-on-a-Faggio life, to a local BX resident who caught a case of Bohan deja vu...If you see (or have posted) any awesome Rockstar-related shots, make sure to send them to us via Mouthoff to have a look and follow us at to always get our latest official pics."Aspiring Bronx historian" @6sh6un6 noticed that a furniture store in #GTAIV bore a striking resemblance to one around the way in his Bronx neighborhood. Of course there are many reference points to NYC buildings and landmarks in GTAIV's Liberty City, including some signature spots in the Boogie Down that helped inspire Bohan's streets. Parisian fan @alex_salzard sketched his own take on the GTAV box art here on a doodle board, calling it "Mélange de génération." C'est chouette. Tommy's lament. Thanks @mattmelody for letting us peer into the deepest insecurities of Mr. Tommy Vercetti. He held fast to that "gangsters don't swim" credo until CJ dispelled it a couple years later... One of the most popular recurring San Andreas quote memes we've seen. @sweetjohnsonofficial retorts on Instagram, "Sorry Smoke, it's not my fault yo fat ass can't drive a Sanchez motorbike." Truth.Sweden's @watchmegoogle whose tricep art is as much a general life lesson as it is a direct nod to #GTA2. Whilst Bavarian fan @schinishellyproject brought the pain to his ankle with this permanent recreation of a rare Rockstar spray paint style logo design. There's a Max Payne: The Dog, apparently. Cheers to @nicoryls for naming her canine after the top dog of brooding videogame anti-heroes.  Some people just pause and imagine what their life would be like living in Vice City. This guy @damolazz took it one step further. "#YOLO" indeed eh."#ViceCity is a family favorite." Big shout out to  @anthonybourdain and @ottaviabourdain who never cease to surprise and amuse us with their random and awesome #GTA and #ViceCity references on Twitter and Instagram. Here, Ottavia shows off some prized Vice City gear. Added bonus for GTA trivia heads: check the comments on the Instagram pic to see which GTA voiceactor jumped in for a cameo appearance. John Marston's had to suffer through many unexpected indignities in his lifetime - from picking flowers for strangers to seeing his whole family zombified. Now, Florida custom bake shop @butterwinks has immortalized him on a (impressively handmade) cookie. The Walton's Gang will never let him live this one down. NYC-based model and videogame enthusiast @AshleDanger joined us last summer at one of our #MaxPayne3 Multiplayer Sessions hosted by @Hot97. Looks like she's still getting plenty of good medicinal-purposes use out of that Max Payne 3 pill box. Australia's @shadowfox88 took 'bagged and boarded' to another level with this amazing pair of custom Chucks that incorporate a collage of artwork cut out of the #MaxPayne3 Marvel comic book. "Only one pair of these exists in the world and they are mine!!! #maxpayne #awesome #willneverwear."Previously:Stickerbombings, Vercetti Selfies, Custom Kicks...#GTA Adorning Man and Machine 
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