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[RSS] Fan Videos: Executives and Other Criminals Film Festival
« dnia: Wtorek, 12 Styczeń 2016, 22:09:38 »
Fan Videos: Executives and Other Criminals Film Festival

Check out videos from over the past few weeks posted by an award-winning Rockstar Editor director, a prominent Social Club Crew of redditors, and several YouTube stars, all of whom have been getting to grips with the wide range of content in GTA Online: Executives and Other Criminals. Whether they're manning the cannon on the Turreted Limo, getting a high profile Target to safety in Extraction or simply decompressing with some friends in the hot tub on a new Super Yacht, the videos below show off a good taste of the Executive lifestyle.REBL - Yacht Parties [R* Editor] by REBL CommunitySome may recall reddit based Crew REBL PC (formerly known as the Reddit Rebels) showing up in force to flaunt their GTA Online Lowriders. Now they bring their unique style to profile on the deck of their new Super Yacht, showing that when you’re on top and living lavish in Los Santos, it won’t be long until others come to try and spoil your suit. All set to the sweet and apropos sounds of Neon Indian’s “Change of Coast”.Turreted Limo Cinematic Showcase (Commercial) | EXECUTIVES & OTHER CRIMINALS DLC by YEAHMAPEnvisioning the weaponized Benefactor Limo as a completely reasonable purchase option for your average consumer, renowned (and contest winning) Rockstar Editor filmmaker YEAHMAP put together this cheeky commercial spot to entice (and instigate) all would-be "Bosses".GTA 5 Online Funny Moments - Yacht, Switch Blade, and New Apartments! (DLC) by VanossGamingIn a typically audacious outing, Vanoss is joined by frenemies Lui Calibre, Moo Snuckel, H2O Delirious, Wildcat and Silent Droidd for some patented Freemode shenanigans and hijinks - Executives style. Definitely watch to the end to see Vanoss straight-up hijacking Delirious' tour of his brand new Penthouse Apartment. GTA 5 - Declasse Mamba Cinematic [Car Showcase] by Keys PlzRockstar Editor director Keys Plz uses the in-game suite of video creation tools to put together this super sleek and stylish glimpse of the new Declasse Mamba Sports Classic. The custom "SUPRMACY" vanity plate is certainly a classy touch.Grand Theft Auto V - The Executives by BerduBerdu has always made a point to include friends from the Full Leather Jackets Crew in his previously featured stylish films such as Marathon Men and Joyridin'. About this outing he muses, "This is how rich people actually live. All footage captured unscripted that one night when Kimble bought a god damn yacht. This is our Crew enjoying the Executives and Other Criminals DLC."GTA 5 Online NEW Adversary Mode | EXTRACTION! (GTA 5 Online Gameplay) by iamfallfromgraceCharming Aussie YouTuber, iamfallfromgrace tries her hand at the brand new Adversary Mode "Extraction". Taking on her own squad, the FallFromGraces Army Crew, Grace assumes the role of the "swagalicious" Target, making a harrowing escape in an attack Chopper after being pinned down by attackers. In the second round she plays as a Bodyguard and takes a clever shortcut off an overpass smoothly getting her VIP to the Extraction Zone. You should check out some of Grace’s previous Adversary Mode gameplay videos like “Every Bullet Counts” and “Running Back” as she always puts on a great show giving it all with her Crew.GTA Online Executives and Other Criminals Update [All DLC Contents] by GTA Series VideosAs is their tradition, the long-running and awesome GTA Series Videos fan channel take you through an incredibly thorough rundown of everything to be found and enjoyed in GTA Online: Executives and Other Criminals. For a comprehensive look at all the new housing options be sure to check out their All Custom and Stilt Apartments presentation as well. Share videos you've created in the comments below, or post ones from other creators that you find deserving of recognition. For even more fantastic fan-created videos, be sure to follow us on Twitter where we're always sharing fun creations.Previous Fan Video Articles:An Epic Rescue Mission, BMX Stunting Brilliance & MoreAerial Stunt Mastery, The Debt and A Man's Journey Throughout HistorySticky Bomb Dexterity, Mid-Air Jousting and More Great GTAV Fan Videos
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