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Fan Videos: Street and Sky Stunt Montages, Niko's Yoga Session and A Very GTA Christmas

In the latest round-up of excellent fan-created videos, we've got some impressive montage work (over land and air), another gem from Yeardley Diamond and a recap of our favorite festive creations, compliments of the recent GTA Online Holiday Gifts.Anyone who's jumped from high altitudes over Los Santos & Blaine County understands the severe consequences that come with waiting too long to pull your chute. Here, ajbsd and friends show off their reckless disregard for the consequences of achieving terminal velocity in this slick montage. Those who enjoy difficult aerial maneuvers of all shapes, sizes and means of conveyance might also dig the squadron of semi-synchronized Titans in Badass-Titan-Aviator-Squadron by reeplay1984, featuring the Bullet Soldiers Crew.The based Nomad Union Crew linked up with stunt superstar BenBuja for this new collection of impressive stunts. Stunning highlights include a pin-point landing on the Rebel Radio logo, tunnel wall-riding and an inverted flight through the Port of Los Santos container cranes - all featured with the proud disclaimer that 'no cheats or mods were used to perform these stunts'.For more great montages, also check out:GTA 5: BEST STUNTS OF 2013 by Hazardous and KwebbelkopEPIC GTA 5 STUNT MONTAGE! by CodComedy BrysonGTA 5: BMX MONTAGE by kingEnzo17GTA 5 Stunts #10 - Online Stunt Montage Part 2! by RSP ProductionsThe always impressive Yeardley Diamond, known for several classic GTA fan vid creations, now shows us that Niko Bellic has gotten through his recent existential crisis and is happily balancing his chakras with the aid of Yoga - to a much greater degree than Michael De Santa ever could from the looks of it.Before giving way to the January doldrums of bitter cold and broken resolutions, Christmas in Los Santos gave us a wealth of Social Club members decked out in holiday gear... to gather with friends and Crew members before exchanging gunfire in a host of winter-themed videos. In the vid above, Mr. Fullerton regales us with a fun rendition of Twas the Night Before Christmas that's sure to please even the biggest Scrooge. If you liked that, be sure to also check out Mess Yourself showing off Trevor's grinchier side in GTA 5 - How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Anonamix and the Trafficker Crew's A Trafficker Christmas, and long-running fan site GTA Series' montage of all the holiday themed gifts available in GTA Online.Also Check Out:GTA 5 in Real Life: Part 2 by Dustin Valcalda: From Venice to Vespucci, from the Del Perro Pier to the Santa Monica Pier, in the follow up to his series, GTA 5 In Real Life, Dustin Valcada has done an excellent frame to frame match-up of unique in-game perspectives that may have you question if life imitates art or if it's the other way around.GTA 5 - Ghost Rider (with tutorial) by Mutzrosity: Using the invincibility cheat to transform yourself into the Spirit of Vengeance? Very clever. Mutzrosity generously shows viewers how to get their personal blaze on at the tail end of the video.GTA LCS Theme "Dark March" Cover and Red Dead Redemption Theme Cover by SquidPhysics: Multi-talented musician SquidPhysics, who you may recall from his amazing one-man-band recreations of the GTAV Theme and other classic GTA theme songs, has now released a spot-on take on the Liberty City Stories Theme - awesome enough to make even hard-to-please "Ma" c*priani proud. Taking us out of Liberty City, down south and across the Mexican border, Squid also moves a memorable Marston melody along with ease and finesse.As always, if you come across (or make!) an excellent GTA or Rockstar themed clip of your own that you think the world needs to see, feel free to drop it in the comments for the Social Club community to enjoy or send it our way to have a look at Fan Vids: Cunning Stunts, Co-Signs from Mad Dogg and More
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