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Fan Vids: "Tilt Shift", GTA Vice City "Pet Stuffers", "Keep Your Friends Close" & More

Kick back and enjoy a collection of superb and imaginative fan-created videos, including some choice selections powered by the Rockstar Editor, along with ingeniously animated showcases. This latest collection features a story told in miniature, the return of SquidPhysics' musical symphonies, an epic animated GTA: Vice City teaser and plenty more...Tilt Shift by ehmaysiVideo creator ehmaysi collaborates with music artist Spencer Whatever to paint a subtle story using the Rockstar Editor, creating a tilt shift camera effect (previously seen in GTA Series Videos's A World in Miniature). This project is just one in a series of on-going installments in ehmaysi's 52 Weeks, 52 Videos project, described as "a year-long project to keep the content coming." Martian Blues already caught our eye and we're looking forward to seeing more from his channel in the future.GTA London 1969 Cover by SquidPhysicsMaster instrumentalist (and occasional rapper) SquidPhysics returns once again to show off his smashing version of the London-based GTA classic. On this track, he enlists the talent of vocalist NiamHanlon for added authenticity. Also, in case you missed it, his recent cover of the GTA2 theme is a bit of melodic nostalgia not to be missed.GTA Vice City - Pet Stuffers from Simon TibbsWhether your favorite commercial on Grand Theft Auto: Vice City was Yuppie and the Alien or Rusty Brown's Ring Donuts, you're sure to enjoy Simon Tibbs' animated take on an Emotion 98.3 staple. According to Simon, Pets Stuffers is his all-time favorite GTA radio ad and he utilized After Effects, Illustrator and a little Cinema 4D to create this spot-on visual accompaniment.K.I.A - GTA V Rockstar Editor by BloodLust180Fans of Bloodlust180's previously featured video M.I.A will love the follow up in the 'Paint It Black' series. Exploring the aftermath of Wolf's failed mission, this episode has Wolf declared K.I.A from the get-go. With Merryweather representatives entering the shadowy dealings and prominent community member Gtamen voicing the mysterious interrogator, it's up to ash0191's Siren (making a guest appearance) and her team to uncover the truth...VICE CITY: Keep Your Friends Close - First Teaser by Majami Hiroz: Welcome to the '80sVideo creator Majami Hiroz got in touch with us via Mouthoff to share this awesome First Teaser for their forthcoming animated series. "Keep Your Friends Close" uses stop motion techniques to animate the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Kubrick Set into a flawless vignette, backed up appropriately by a brilliant 80s soundtrack. If you've missed the earlier Announcement Teaser, don't forget to check it out for another sneak peek of what's to come.The Doe by _-Chy-_Employing the scenic vistas and rolling hills of Los Santos and Blaine County as the backdrop for this lushly shot piece, video director Chy tells the story of a doe's journey across dangerous terrain to honor a friend's memory. Chy also includes a special message in the video description to viewers that's worth a read.Also Check Out:CROFTEA Let's Play GTA V - Episode ONE by CROFTEACustom Classics Car Show by MamaSnugglesGTA Online | Benny's Dundreary Virgo Classic Showcase by St1ck GamingGTA V Online | SHADOWS OF LOVE by KOKONITOS VIDSMartian Blues by ehmaysiIf you've been creating some serious Rockstar Editor visuals and would like to share it with the community, drop a link in the comments below or email us directly to give it a watch at Editor Powered Videos: "The Hunt", "GTA vs Predator", "Siren" & MoreCosmic Soliloquies, Squid Physics Cover, Bounty Hunter Action Sequence & MoreAction Drama in Vinewood, Legendary Warrener Restoration, Music Videos & More
Źródło: Fan Vids: "Tilt Shift", GTA Vice City "Pet Stuffers", "Keep Your Friends Close" & More

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