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Fan Vids: Cosmic Soliloquies, Squid Physics Cover, Bounty Hunter Action Sequence & More

The latest collection of Rockstar-Editor-powered and other fun fan created videos highlights the wealth of creativity and talent that exists within the GTAV and GTA Online community. In this round-up we've got an inspired homage to our place in the universe, a harrowing chase sequence, a performance from a familiar virtuoso and more.(GTA V) Carl Sagan - The Pale Blue Dot by Duggy Building upon an idea first laid down by BiblicalReaper, Duggy uses the world of GTAV to create a rich visual backdrop to the soporific "Pale Blue Dot" soliloquy by astrophysicist Carl Sagan, taken from his television series Cosmos: A Personal Voyage. GTA - We Were Set Up Cover by Squid Physics The irrepressible one-man orchestra Squid Physics is back with another brilliant Rockstar Games cover, laying down tracks from 8 different instruments to perfectly capture the spirit of We Were Set Up from the GTAV Soundtrack. The attention to detail in the performance and sound production extends to the editing and mise-en-scène of the video, filled with cool angles and appropriate paraphernalia. The Great Bounty - GTA 5 Short Film Machinima by Projects City | Cinematics & Machinimas | Projects City uses the Rockstar Editor for making everything from classic GTA introductions to cool stunt videos. In this presentation he shows a harrowing chase involving a getaway driver being hunted down by a relentless bounty hunter, piloting a fully-loaded Buzzard attack chopper. Pursued by land, air and sea (even under the sea at one point), the climax here will keep you guessing on the outcome up until the very last moment.  The Lowrider: GTA V by Bombastic Gamer FilmsThis fantastic trailer from Bombastic Gamer Films harks back a few decades to the days of powerful one-liners, tight pants and a rogue cop with an axe to grind.GTA 5 - Bowling Bling (Hotline Bling Parody) by GTA Series VideosEnlisting the help of their good friends Gtamen and 8-BIT BASTARD to help pen and perform it, the guys at GTA Series have concocted this hilariously catchy parody of Drake's "Hotline Bling," complete with dance moves inspired by videos from the late, great Yeardley Diamond.Also Check Out:GTA 5 - Back to the Future by GTA Series VideosMelee Assassinations (Off The Radar Kills) by Heavy of Metal The Delirious Project by SilentDroiddGTA V - Kanye West - Flashing Lights by icantevenProductions Evolve Stunting BMX Teamtage - "BANG" by EvolveStunting GTA 5 LS Car Scene Omega's Clean Primo by GTA Wise GuyMad Max Short Film by BloodLust180  Previously:Rockstar Editor Video Showcase: Action Drama in Vinewood, Legendary Warrener Restoration, Music Videos & MoreRockstar Editor Fan Vids: An Epic Rescue Mission, BMX Stunting Brilliance & More
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