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Fan Vids: Original GTAV Trailer in Madrid, Undead Marston Make-Up Tutorial, Pet Shop Boys Tribute & More

This week's installment of impressive and innovative fan videos includes a live-action rendition of GTAV's original trailer set against the beautiful backdrop of Madrid, a radiant makeup maestro who knows just how to breathe life into an undead cowboy, a Pet Shop Boys ode to the almighty dollar and enough stunts by land and air to make your head spin.Grand Theft Auto: Madrid - Real Life Trailer by Zapruder PicturesThe Zapruder Pictures team of Guillermo de Oliveira and Javier Estebanfirst first caught our eye with their 2012 fan-film, Max Payne: Valhalla. In Grand Theft Auto: Madrid, they've used the sun-soaked streets of Madrid, Spain to create an impressive homage to the original GTAV Trailer. Those unfamiliar with the region should be pleasantly surprised at how well the Spanish capital accommodates this re-creation. From the congested traffic grid of Downtown LS (Alcobendas Burgos) to the RON Alternates Wind Farm along the Senora Freeway, each scene is paralleled quite impressively.      ?Undead Marston // Maquillaje Cosplay Makeup FX // Red Dead Redemption // DIY Tutorial by Keevanski (en Español w/subtitles)"Cosplay done right" is an expression often reserved for individuals who truly excel at this style of costume-based fan art. We certainly believe that catchphrase suits the multi-talented and exceptional Keevanski - known for her spot on portrayals of popular game characters, hair dressing tutorials and painstakingly hand-crafted and highly detailed game props. In this slick and fun to watch presentation, we see her literally transform into the spitting image of an Undead John Marston with a few well-placed strokes of the make-up sponge, masterful application of studio-quality prosthetics and some great hand-crafted props.Also Check Out:Sarah Reese // Maquillaje Cosplay Makeup FX // Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare // DIY TutorialGTA 5 - "Emergence" | Amazing BMX Stunt Montage by ConsistentHD & ErasableNinjaPreviously, we witnessed ErasableNinja bring his A-game in "The BMX Flow" a stylish production with second-to-none bike trick sorcery. In "Emergence", ErasableNinja lends an editing hand to ConsistentHD's first BMX montage. This debut effort features gravity defying wall rides, sick combo rail grinds, perfect plants and flamboyant flips - we also get some truly massive ground-level bowl to bowl transfers at the Rearwall skatepark near the Olympic Freeway overpass.    Also Check Out:GTA 5 BMX - "Statement" A Freestyle BMX Montage by Fishy Dizzle?Opportunities (Let's Make Lots of Money) - A GTA Online Music Video by vader2KAs the ethereal synths cue up, fans of the 80's may feel Vice City level nostalgic chills running up their spine while watching this totally rad throwback video tribute to The Pet Shop Boys classic hit, "Opportunities". In this greed-is-good visualization, we see a pair of down on their luck friends go from rags to riches, jet setting in the finest accommodations and transport, literally filling up swimming pools with expensive watercraft and dominating the LSI tarmac with their personal Luxor Jets.Also Check Out:Digitalism - Wolves (GTA Music Video) by StudioGTA"DANGER ZONE 3" | GTA 5 Jet Stunt Montage #5 by vSubFireAce pilot vSubFire certainly wowed us with prior installments of the DANGER ZONE series. In this round, vSub opens by carving an impossibly sharp arc through a docking bay in the Port of South Los Santos. He then proceeds to spin clockwise with a single clipped wing slow and steady against the counter-clockwise spinning blades of the turbines within the RON wind farm and emerges on the other side of the field without a scratch. Top that off with a daring one take sideways navigation of the LS skyline and a precarious pass through the bridges and tree lines of Blaine County and we have another worthy entry in this riveting aerial series.??Also Check Out:GTA 5 Mallard Plane Stunt Montage | "Feather" by Venus & NightMare MORE RECOMMENDED VIEWINGAlso don’t miss these fun vids that we recently spotted and shouted out on Twitter or simply took note of – make sure you’re following us there to see some great videos shared on the regular:GTA 5 Stunts - Stunt Montage 13 (300k subscribers special) by Kwebbelkop: Le Kops Crew Leader and notable stunter Kwebbelkop goes all out to celebrate his channel's acquisition of 300K subscribers in a dazzling display of spectacular stunts and fantastic feats. GTAV Online FEED ME Montage by DropDeadOmix: Drop Dead Omix uses two and a half weeks of stellar game footage from GTAV and Max Payne 3 to straight up devour the competition in a face-blasting array of color and sound.Above & Beyond "Satellite / Stealing Time" by ?????? ???????: An avid GTA fan uses greater Los Santos as the canvas and overall backdrop to make a quite unexpectedly poignant and touching music video tribute for his wife.Shine Thugz - "Hood gone love it" GTA music vidéo (By Jay Rock) by ShineThugz: From the Bolingbroke Penitentiary rec yard to the set-tripping streets of South LS the Shine Thugz show once again they know how to put it down and get proper recognition from the streets.GTA 5 IMPOSSIBLE STUNTS 2 | Nomad Union Stunt Montage - Omega by RedKeyMon: RKM and the rest of the Nomad Union stunting team are back at it, serving as the veritable alpha and omega of innovative high-quality stunts in GTAV.As always, if you've got an excellent GTA or Rockstar themed clip of your own that you think the world needs to see, feel free to drop it in the comments for the Social Club community to enjoy or send it our way to have a look at, and we may feature it in a future round-up here at the Newswire.Previously:Other Places - São Paulo Edition, Iconic Film Remakes, Musical Horn Fun & More
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