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Fan Vids: Return of the BMX Ninja, A Thrust For Glory, Midnight Driver & More

In our latest collection of Rockstar Editor and other fan-created videos, we have some superb BMX editing from ErasableNinja, an action sequence expertly remixed by Boris the Blade and more. And for more great fan videos shared regularly, make sure you're following us on Twitter where we're always sharing impressive fan-made vids and lots more.GTA 5 - BMX Street Ninja: Episode #3 (BMX Street Stunts) by ErasableNinjaOn a dark and stormy night one of the stunting scene's notable Bicycle Motocross shadow warriors emerges from the gloomy back alleys of Los Santos to show off his razor sharp skills. Anyone who's been following Ninja's videos for the last year will appreciate how the Rockstar Editor has truly elevated his presentation here to the next level. Also Check Out:BroChillz: The Voice 2.0 - A GTA 5 BMX Chilltage by EvolveStuntingA Thrust for Glory - GTA V MUSIC VIDEO by BeastbyBeastby frames this whimsical presentation that's oozes 80's montage style as pure motivation telling viewers, "When the odds are stacked up against you and the pressure is building, you know that the only way to win is to put on some music and get on with it." He also asserts, "I'm really proud of this. Don't ask me why." It's okay, we can't hide our undeniable enjoyment of it.Also Check Out:When ya just gotta twerk by Funny Epic BestGTA V - Rewind by Boris the BladeReminiscent of his previously featured effort The Hit, Boris takes this opportunity to highlight the efforts of a hired hitman, putting an interesting twist on the timeline by taking the viewer out of sequence to various points in the set up and aftermath of this carefully calculated assassination gone awry.Also Check Out:GTA V - Infected by Boris the BladeGTA 5 Short Film "Midnight Driver" by MikeEqual parts action movie trailer and music video noir, the director here chronicles an epic supernatural battle taking place between the forces of good and evil once the sun sets on the streets of Los Santos. Mike describes the main driver character here as "One of the many Angels of Death. When the night sets in his sole purpose is to establish a balance between death and life." Also Check Out:THE SHADER - GTA 5 [DARK SUPERHERO MOVIE] by zilzozaGrand Theft Auto V - Happy by OlanovIn the tradition of past greats like the late Yeardley Diamond, video director Olanov uses Story Mode mods here to showcase the usually austere members of Los Santos' finest cutting loose and getting down, sometimes on the job. From the LSPD lockup to the front of the IAA and FIB buildings, nobody can seem to resist the need to get down to an infectious earworm.Also Check Out:(GTA V) Carl Sagan - The Humans by Duggy WuggyGTA 5 Cinema: King of the Hill Intro by IGN & 8-BIT BASTARDIGN enlisted the help of our friends at 8-BIT BASTARD on this familiar remake of an iconic intro sequence featuring television's most famous purveyor of propane and propane accessories.Also Check Out:Everywhere You Look. [Full House in GTA V] by MerfishShare videos you've created in the comments below, or post ones from other creators that you find deserving of recognition. For tips and tricks on the GTAV Rockstar Editor, make sure to check out our recent series of Rockstar Editor Tips posts as well as the Tutorial page on Social Club.Previously:Epic GTAV Tribute in Dominoes, GYMKHANA Dual-Screen Remake, and an Ode to the Pegassi OsirisRetro Inspirations, a Stunt Show Pilot, an In-Depth Rockstar Editor Tutorial and More
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