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[RSS] Fan Vids: Romancing the Albany Roosevelt, Bonnie and Clyde Capers & More
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Fan Vids: Romancing the Albany Roosevelt, Bonnie and Clyde Capers & More

From Rockstar Editor powered odes to the Albany Roosevelt Valor to mini romantic comedies costume designed in Fedoras and Bustiers – and hilarious Let’s Plays of the latest Adversary Mode “Till Death Do Us Part” – check out this special round up of fun, fan-created videos featuring the recently released Be My Valentine content, which will remain available in GTA Online. Grand Theft Auto V - Original Gangsters by BerduBerdu and his band of good fellas, The Valentines, remind the modern-day gangs of Los Santos where it all began in this short film titled "Original Gangsters". Grand Theft Auto V - My Babe (Be My Valentine MACHINIMA) by MrSrdaroTo the tune of Little Walter’s 1955 classic “My Babe”, Los Santos' answer to Bonnie & Clyde goes on a vintage crime spree. MrSrdaro says, "It ended pretty bad for the Roosevelt Valor, but we've managed to escape the law in a smooth way, after all that's what a couple would do." NEW Vehicle, Sexy Underwear & More! by iamfallfromgraceiamfallfromgrace charmingly checks out the new Outfits & Masks from Be My Valentine, along with a comprehensive look at the customization options on the Albany Roosevelt Valor (not to mention the recently released Banshee 900R as well). As grace herself would say: "Duuuude, so sick".'Til Death Do Us Part! (ft. Sips) by Hat FilmsOne of several very fun Let’s Plays and livestreams of the latest Adversary Mode, Till Death Do Us Part, is this clip from the lads at Hat Films and their pal Sips. Watch out for "wank 'n' flank" as they get to grips with all five of the mode's maps. Also check out our friends Kevin LaSean (fka Xpert Thief) and RealRosesAreRed team up and throw down in their session of Till Death Do Us Part as well. My version of the Valentines day @RockstarGames update Trailer #GTAV #GTAonline #GTA5 #RockstarGames— Vinewood Motors (@Vinewood_motors) February 13, 2016Vinewood Motors does his own remix of the official GTA Online: Be My Valentine trailer. Glad to see the ushers are taking care of the happy couple even after they leave the church. How To Valentine (PS4 Rockstar Editor) by Lu IggyLu Iggy and friends have got the gun and the car, but sadly the clothes to complete the look were shed somewhere along the way in this short but amusing little vignette. ????????????????????????????????(?)??????#rockstargames #GTAOnline #CREATIVER6INC #RockstarEditor @RockstarGames— ???????????????? (@sin2934) February 12, 2016Cue up the violins with sin2934 and the Creative R6 Inc Crew, well known to the GTA Twitter community for their consistently strong output of excellent Snapmatics and other inspired digital creations. Here, dapper dons and fierce femmes mob the streets of Los Santos for a classic feast of the saints. Would-be Don Fanuccis: watch your back. #GTAV #RockstarGames #RockstarEditor #GTAPhotographers #OverRev #drift @RockstarGames— bee.1108 (@bee_1108) February 14, 2016Ever consider taking your Valor out for a tandem drifting session in Los Santos? bee.1108  and friend FREAX@LNSJ show how it's done in this Rockstar Editor powered clip set to "Trouble" off the Welcome to Los Santos album. GTAOnline: Vehicle spotlight - Albany Roosevelt Valor by TheGTABaseLongtime fan community channel TheGTABase classes up the joint with this jazzy little video showing much affection for all the sexy contours of the Albany Roosevelt Valor. my valentine?! lol... #GTAV #GTAVINES #iGTA #BeMyValentine #gtaonline— ? bOnEs (@CaPn_bOnEs) February 13, 2016CaPn_bOnEs #BeMyValentine #GTAVine is a classic example of unrequited love.    Special Valentine's Day Couple YT Playlist by GTA Editor MoviesFinally, GTA Editor Movies put together a special trio of couple-themed action shorts highlighting love-struck duos pulling off daring capers. Within the playlist you have The Chase, Liquor Store Assault and Hit' em Up, featuring not one but two couples doing the memorable 'Desperate Times Call For...' Contact Mission for Lamar in a festive red Moonbeam Custom. Click any of the thumbnails above to play the videos.If you've created any Rockstar Editor videos of you and your Crew checking out the new content from GTA Online: Be My Valentine, make sure to share them in the comments below for the Social Club community to enjoy.Previously:GTA Online: Be My Valentine
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