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[RSS] Found on YouTube: L.A. Noire C64, Breakdancing Niko & More...
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Found on YouTube: L.A. Noire C64, Breakdancing Niko & More...

 A couple of the most reliable and creative members of the YouTube and machinima scene, Majami Hiroz and Yeardly Diamond, have struck again with this pair of very entertaining and well-made creations.Above, the 80s-obsessed Majami Hiroz Show, whom you may remember from their Commodore 64 interpretation of Vice City's final mission as well as their sweet cover version of the Vice City theme, have apparently discovered another golden era rarity with this purported original 1986 C64 version of L.A. Noire shown via a let's-play video of the "Silk Stocking" Homicide Desk case (* fair warning spoiler alert for those out there who haven't yet cracked that particular case). With a MIDI-esque take on the L.A. Noire “Main Theme” by Andrew Hale and a spot-on 80s adventure computer games style, this one's certainly worth a watch.Below, the prolific Yeardly Diamond always seems quick to jump on GTA parodies of the latest pop music video memes (catch the Gangnam, Rick Astley and Harlem Shake GTA vids if you've never seen them) but skewers 'em with amazing animations and hilarious sequences. This latest clip posted earlier this week finds Niko (and Johnny and Luis and Roman..) again taking on the latest cheese-pop hit from Psy: "Gentleman". Things really get interesting about 1:40 in as Niko kicks his best game to Yeardley Diamond on a date and then busts out some epic breaking with Johnny and Luis from the lobby of the Majestic Hotel to the dancefloor of Maisonette 9. As an added bizarre meta treat, check out fan personifications of Luis Lopez and Carl Johnson beefing with one another over who's the better dancer in the clip's YouTube comments.  Very honorable mention as well to these cool GTA and Rockstar fan creations we've also come across that are worth a look: Check out this once in a lifetime GTAIV stunt from Magillicious2 and an impressive Patriot grind from css172. Artist Brandon Arseneault's latest GTA pin-up girl illustration is a racy yet stunning take on our official GTAV Beach Weather artwork. And here's a fan art homage to the 1995 Ice Cube/Chris Tucker comedy flick Friday featuring Franklin and Lamar, courtesy of Igor 'Cemetpuu' Semetry. Rockstar Network has been keeping up with the folks who appeared in last year's Max Payne 3 casting event. Read their interviews with Jeremy Wallace, Louis Van Bree, Elvis Marques, Jaclyn Jimenez, Hamish and Dave Wheeler. 
Źródło: Found on YouTube: L.A. Noire C64, Breakdancing Niko & More...

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