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GTAV Soundtrack Spotlight: An Interview with The Alchemist, Oh No and Wavves

In the latest episode of GTA Online Sessions on YouTube, we're joined by Welcome to Los Santos soundtrack artists Alchemist, Oh No and Wavves. Fresh from the release of the new GTAV soundtrack album, The Alchemist and Oh No Present: Welcome to Los Santos, producers Al and Oh No themselves joined us to play some GTA Online together and talk about the record, alongside collaborators Wavves who are responsible for the single "Leave" (which you currently have the chance to create the official music video for in our Rockstar Editor Contest). We chatted about everything from their roles as Dr. Oh and the Chemical Bro on the new GTAV radio station The Lab to their experiences working with the wide range of artists on the LP. Check out highlights in our latest GTA Online Sessions YouTube episode above and read on for some choice excerpts below...On "California", featuring E-40, Dam-Funk and Ariel Pink... Alchemist: I mean I know Dam-Funk, I hadn’t met Ariel Pink, but you know E-40 is a legend to all of us. West Coast legend. This was actually the first time we were able to hook up... Oh laced the track up crazy from pieces of the score and he chopped up Dam-Funk. The ending might be my favorite part of the f****** album. Like when it breaks down with the piano solo it's just crazy. Man I love this record.On which Welcome to Los Santos collaborator most blew their minds...Oh No: I would say Sam of Future Islands. His s*** is hard, his s*** is crazy. Future Islands is crazy.Alchemist: Yeah that was a wild one and when we hooked up with them we found out that he actually raps as well. So it was crazy because we had a lot of the same influences but you know our finished products are so different - but we still respect each other so I think that was cool. It's crazy because we didn't even approach him because of that, we just liked their music. His range is crazy... some people’s voices you feel... Like a cigarette. I don’t even know if he smokes but it feels that way. He's the man.On their in-game radio show host characters Dr. Oh and the Chemical Bro and what the new radio station The Lab is all about...Alchemist: It’s about scientific theories... and weed. And everything in between. It's great fun. You gotta check it out, we’re getting deep on there. A lot of the characters from the album were able to call in. I encourage you to tune into the station and figure out who's who. We definitely had everybody play some characters and had fun. It was a dope experience...On working with Curren$y (featured on the song "Fetti" with Freddie Gibbs)...Alchemist: He’s a smoky guy. I like going to his shows because you can see people like passed out from too much weed. Just hanging out, having a little rest… It was the weirdest thing, first time I went to his show he’s killing it but there’s a couple of guys just dead on couches, just crashed you know? [Some people] go to his shows and just smoke like, "we’re gonna get high and see Curren$y!" …and it doesn’t work out that way.On how Wavves' in-game radio station, Vinewood Boulevard Radio, came to be...Nate: I've been friends with a lot of the guys from Rockstar for a pretty long time - they used to come see Wavves play when we’d stroll through New York and it just kind of came about organically. They asked me to do a song for the new game and it turned into the radio station.On the status of the new Wavves record...Nate: The new Wavves record is coming out I think in August on Warner Brothers and Ghost Ramp. I don’t know the exact date but it's doneAnd when can we hear it?Nate: Real soon. We’ll probably show maybe three songs before it comes out.On what's next for Gangrene (Al & Oh No's collaborative group)...Alchemist: I hear there’s a new album coming. I don’t know, you'll have to ask the doctor. He’s in the laboratory right now. How’s the mixes coming?Oh No: Mixes are coming out crazy. They’re real, real crazy.Alchemist: We have a new album coming out real soon. We don’t have a solid date but we’ll be on tour this summer with Action Bronson so we’re finishing the album right now. We’ve got the first single, we’ve got the video, so I’d say July. Thanks again to Al, Oh No and Wavves for joining us. Make sure to follow Rockstar on Twitch to catch more sessions with GTAV soundtrack artists live in the future. Previously:Rockstar Editor Contest: Create the Official Music Video for "Leave" by WavvesThe Alchemist and Oh No Present: Welcome to Los Santos Out NowGTAV Soundtrack Artist Spotlight: An Interview with The Chain Gang of 1974
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