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[RSS] GTAV Title Update Details
« dnia: Środa, 2 Październik 2013, 23:17:00 »
GTAV Title Update Details

In addition to opening up access to Grand Theft Auto Online, today's automatic update for GTAV on both platforms features a host of fixes for issues you may have encountered in Story Mode. See below for a list of prominent fixes, and if you have any problems downloading this update or are experiencing technical issues not addressed here, please hit up our tech support team at the Rockstar Support Site or on Twitter. Fix for interface issues when using Internet on the cell phone after completing the game, or during a mission replayFix for the Vanilla Unicorn occasionally becoming lockedFix for issues where the character’s money could drop below zero and become stuck thereFix for the Epsilon Program missions not progressing properly after delivering some carsFix for issue where the Atomic Blimp sometimes does not appear as a phone contact for Collector’s Edition ownersFix for issues with saved vehicles going missing, or losing their upgradesFixes for several map escape and collision issues along with other various bug fixes  
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