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GTA Fan Vids: A Clockwork Orange Montage, The Beauty of Blaine County vs. The Streets of Los Santos, Military Miniatures and More

The latest round-up of eye-catching excellence from the GTA fan community features a recreation of iconic scenes from a Kubrick classic, a couple of videos that artfully convey the contrast between the mean streets of Los Santos and the picturesque scenery of Blaine County, as well as some other great clips we've spotted.GTA Online - A Clockwork Orange by GTA Series Videos The droogs at GTA Series Videos bring us this impressive homage to many of the classic scenes in Kubrick's film adaptation of A Clockwork Orange. Especially ingenious is the recreation of the film's driving scene via a creative 'green screen' approach.The Beauty of Blaine County & The Streets of Los Santos by SA96HDA study of the two very distinct sides of Southern San Andreas, this pair of videos from SA96HD capture both the dark underbelly of Los Santos and the comely countryside of Blaine County.Toy Soldiers | GTA 5 Tilt Shift / Miniature Army by 8-BIT BASTARDHere, 8-BIT BASTARD uses the tilt-shift technique to turn Los Santos into a battleground for tiny toy soldiers.Also Check Out:GTA 5 - A World in Miniature by GTA Series VideosMost Wanted Trailer #1 (2015) - GTA 5 Next Gen Movie HD by CommandoflaugeIn the spirit of action-comedy buddy movies comes this story of two down on their luck, not-so-bright friends who resort to a life of crime in the big city. When a botched break-in ends in an explosive public disaster the two find themselves on the run from Federal agents as the "most wanted" pair in Los Santos.Also Check Out:GTA 5 Movie Trailer | El Bastardo by 8-BIT BASTARD w. El SerpeGTA 5 Movie Trailer (Crank High Voltage) Parody by RamskingQueen Of The Skies: GTA5 Stunt Montage by ash0191 edited By FishyDizzleWe've seen some pretty cool and elaborate stunt videos in the last year from EvolveStunting editors ash0191 and FishyDizzle, including ash's recent GTA5 Next Gen: Skydive and Fishy's "Persistance" Minitage. Now they combine their talents on this excellent aerial outing to showcase a skilled heroine perfecting many of the popular FPS skydiving tricks of the trade. Also Check Out:Evolve Stunting: Best Stunts of 2014 by EvolveStuntingAct Like You Know - GTA V Online PS4 - Wingsuit / BASE Jump / Skydive by Tommy Soulier HOLIDAY HIJINXAnd here are a few of our favorite holiday-themed productions from the recently wrapped up Festive Surprise:Snow Time Lapse – The Art of Winter by DOM098652DOM098652 uses the time-lapse technique here to document that rare San Andreas snowfall that took place recently across Los Santos & Blaine County as part of the Festive Surprise.GTAV The Not So Merry Christmas by Stephane JulienIn this video, SgtIrase and the naughty boys and girls from the Black Bulls Gang Crew got together to spread their own twisted version of holiday cheer.Also Check Out:CHRISTMAS IN LOS SANTOS by KOKONITOS VIDSLet it Snow in Los Santos by Archie RaineGTA Online | The Lynch Mob "Evil Elves" by The MOBSA GTA Christmas Story: GTA V Festive Surprise Update by Bombastic Gamer FilmsGTAV First Person Gun Sync Holiday Special by SilverzDH Of course, if you've got an excellent GTA or Rockstar themed clip of your own that you think the world needs to see, send it our way to have a look at, and we may feature it in a future round-up here at the Newswire. Also, to see lots of great vids shared on the regular – make sure you’re following us on Twitter.Previously: Awesome PS4 & Xbox One Action
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