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GTA Fan Vids: Aerial Stunt Mastery, The Debt and A Man's Journey Throughout History

Fans continue to amaze us with their incredible videos utilizing the power of the Rockstar Editor and Director Mode, and we can't wait until the Rockstar Editor is made available for prospective PS4 and Xbox One directors later this month. In our latest collection of fan-created videos, we have a grim tale of revenge, some compromising Los Santos security camera footage and a moving video dedicated to a lost loved one.A Man's Journey Through History - GTA Series VideosAn ode to the creator's grandfather (inspired by the opening credits sequence in Watchmen), this stunning and poignant clip tells the story of one man's life set to the backdrop of some of the 20th Century's defining historical moments.I'VE SEEN FOOTAGE by Abstract ModeA voyeuristic look through the lenses of security cameras scattered throughout Los Santos and Blaine County, this video from Abstract Mode gives us a peek into some of the stranger antics of Southern San Andreas citizens.The Debt - The Game MechanicsReminiscent of a revenge thriller, The Debt tells the story of a man seeking retribution for the brutal murder of a loved one. The Game Mechanics' debut Rockstar Editor video is a gritty and violent look at a world where "All debts get repaid, in full".Feather III - Venus & NightMareA showcase of exceptional aerial skills by the latter half of the dynamic stunt duo Venus & NightMare, proving you don't always need a pair of wings to fly through the tightest spots.Yuppie and the Alien by VessapaperiInspired by the classic Vice City radio commercial, Vessapaperi brings this one-of-a-kind police drama to life with an impressive video cut to the original audio.Magnum, P.I. starring Trevor Philips by btzThis recreation of the intro to '80s classic Magnum P.I. features Trevor Philips as the mustachioed private investigator and his Canis Bodhi in place of the iconic 308 GTS. To fully appreciate the attention to detail, check out the side-by-side comparison.Also Check Out:Straight Outta Compton by AnimalRobot: Another well-done recreation, this time capturing the look and feel of the 80's West Coast classic "re-imagined inside the world of Grand Theft Auto".Orange Is the New Black GTA 5 Intro by 8-BIT BASTARD - The close-up mugshot intro from Netflix's "Orange Is The New Black" has been faithfully emulated by the team at 8-BIT BASTARD. Utilizing the game's Director Mode, this video features around 30 different actors portraying the inhabitants of Litchfield Penitentiary.
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