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GTA Fan Vids: Epic GTAV Tribute in Dominoes, GYMKHANA Dual-Screen Remake, and an Ode to the Pegassi Osiris

This round of Rockstar Editor and other fan-created videos features a very catchy serenade to the Pegassi Osiris, a GTAV-inspired epic domino display and not one but two real-life rally recreations. If you like what you see below, make sure to follow us on Twitter where we regularly share impressive fan-made vids and much more. "GTAV_GYMKHANA" - DualScreen edition - 2015 by TheS4thaVideo director and Crew Commissioner of the French squad FR SPARA, s4thanas got together with his friends Escuix and syke17 to do a spot-on, frame by frame remake of Hoonigan Racing Division professional rally racer Ken Block's open street circuit through the winding turns and open stretches of San Francisco. Subbing in a fully modded Karin Futo to drift in place of the Ford Fiesta HFHV, the side-by-side comparison shows off a great eye for detail. Feel free to watch the original full-screen in-game version as well.Also Check Out:GTA V: Gymkhana 7 remake with Rockstar Editor by The Suspect GTA V in 40,000 Dominoes Screenlink! by WebGuy1000 - Domino EntertainmentDutch domino maestro WebGuy1000 shows off some genuine GTAV love with this incredibly elaborate domino display that not only features Michael, Trevor and Franklin but also the official Rockstar and GTAV logos, as well as a carefully stacked Life Invader display, the iconic WASTED screen and even the Mount Chiliad mural. Incredible.Also Check Out:Real GTA by CorridorDigital Dead [GTA V Machinima] by gtunedSome may recall gtuned's excellent Bullshift: Out of the Black Crew promo video featured in a recent edition of the Crew Cut. Here, he collaborates with musician Sesh, with some awesome cinematography heavy on the shadows and contrast to establish an atmospheric and brooding crime-drama noir, offering the cryptic explanation: "Somewhere along the line the young man went crazy".Also Check Out:"Drift Morning" by Ferino Design #GTAOnline by NGSUniverse GTA 5 - Semi Truck Stunt Jump by BlackSmoke BillyAfter seeing Benjamin Reed's semi-truck corkscrew jump, it seemed impossible that anyone could raise the bar on amazing big rig stunt jumps - but in this case it looks like BlackSmoke BIlly may have blown everyone out of the water. Billy does admit "I used a handling mod I made with OpenIV to make the truck go faster" but that's still a mighty impressive trailer catch regardless. Check it out at multiple angles above thanks to the Rockstar Editor's replay feature. Imagine Dragons - Shots (Broiler Remix) GTA V Music Video by FullyTrollinFullyTrollin has shown an aptitude for capturing the simple pleasures of riding through Los Santos in a sleek custom vehicle to a great tune in past efforts like Ghost Loft - Seconds and Panama - Always. In this presentation, he shows off every glorious detail of coasting out at dawn in a P-996 Lazer jet from the Fort Zancudo runway for a sublime daytrip through the LS skyline.    Also Check Out:[GTA:O] Collect Flags in 1st Person (01:49.827) by SgtJinto GTA 5 - Pegassi Osiris song by Unspoken OUCH GamingThis particular YouTube video may be just one static screenshot all the way through – but it’s the audio that is the star of the show here. Unspoken OUCH has added to his repertoire of GTA Online inspired songs with a glorious piece of New Wave nostalgia that would fit straight onto a playlist on Wave 103. A warning in advance: this synth-heavy ode to the Pegassi Osiris will get stuck in your head quicker than a Pet Shop Boys single. Although sadly lacking a worthy backing video at the moment, Unspoken Ouch has invited all interested video editors out there to submit their own visual interpretations of this catchy tune at will. Good luck!Also Check Out:Hexxers Forever - A GTA V Snap-O-Matic Music Video ft David Allan Coe by Pope Broken 3 Share videos you've created in the comments below, or post ones from other creators that you find deserving of recognition. For tips and tricks on the GTAV Rockstar Editor, make sure to check out our recent series of Rockstar Editor Tips posts as well as the Tutorial page on Social Club.Previously:Retro Inspirations, a Stunt Show Pilot, an In-Depth Rockstar Editor Tutorial and MoreRed Dead Tribute, The Hit and Next Level Drifting Skills 
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