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GTA Fan Vids: Latest from the Stunting Scene with Freefall, BMX and Jet Daredevils, Plus 8-Bit GTAV & More

Check out some of the latest and greatest videos to come out of the esteemed GTAV stunting scene – with an array of daredevils who challenge gravity with death defying tricks on BMX bikes, bulky monolithic jets and even some heart-dropping freefalling feats. This week’s round*p of standout GTA fan videos also features the return of the 80s obsessed MajamiHiroz with an 8-bit rendition of the original GTAV trailer, a campy homage to the old school TV staple The Fall Guy and lots of other fun clips rounded up down bottom. Enjoy!REDKEYMON'S FREEFALLING FEATSGTA 5 - SUPERMAN STUNTS by RedKeyMonTrue believers, bear witness to amazing stuntman RKM as he trades in his agile wall-crawling Pegassi sports bike for a parachute to don the red and blue of another super iconic hero. Plummeting his way through the narrowest gaps and spaces of the LS skyline, he doesn't pull the ripcord until after threading some unbelievable needles, making "falling with style" look second nature.Also Check Out:GTA 5 STUNTS - STUNTS MONTAGE - Episode 12 - (GTA 5 Stunts) by KwebbelkopLIFTED & GIFTED BMX STUNTS"Get High" GTA V BMX Stunts Montage by TheGalleTasHD & DutchHDgamerThis stylish collaboration between GTAV Stunter DutchHDgamer and video editor TheGalleTasHD is the perfect blend of technique, graceful landings and savvy camera placement. With the vibe of an extreme sportsman's day well spent, getting elevated over the rooftops of Los Santos, pulling off some seriously sick tricks on the LSI tarmac - and perhaps most notably, a meticulously timed circus act employing a Truffade Adder, a Titan and a HVY Dump truck (at 1:40, graciously slow-motioned for your enjoyment).Also Check Out:GTA 5: Out For a Rip - BMX Stunts Montage by TheDrplaya1MAJAMIHIROZ' UNEARTHED 1990 VERSION OF GTAVGrand Theft Auto V (Commodore 64) by MajamiHirozYou may recall the 80s obsessed Majami Hiroz (aka Hungarian animator Balazs Kalocsai) for previous efforts featured here at the Newswire such as Vice City and even L.A. Noire re-imagined as 'lost' games originally released for the Commodore 64. This week, Hiroz returned with an awesome shot-for-shot remake of the original Grand Theft Auto V trailer in 8-bit midi scored glory purportedly from the game's 1990 C64 origins.LEGENDS OF THE FALL GUYThe Fall Guy ( Ein Colt für alle Fälle ) GTA 5 Intro by ODog HBDogs"It's a death-defying life I lead... I take my chances..." Speaking of the 80s, those of a certain age may fondly remember the network TV series The Fall Guy for its campy humor, over-the-top stunts and glamorous celebrity cameos. German YouTuber ODog HBDogs, working in collaboration with members of the GTA V Fall Guys and PainKillaZz Crews, has put together a delightfully nostalgic homage filmed on location in Los Santos and Blaine County that matches up well against the original with big explosions and set-piece spills to match.Also Check Out:GTA 5 Movie Reenactments | FIGHT CLUB  by 8-Bit BastardTHE ALL-PURPOSE TITANGTA 5 TITAN STUNT MONTAGE! #2  by DALLMYDWe've seen a wide array of videos boasting impressively staged and improvised vehicle stunts, and this one from DALLMYD features the surprisingly versatile Titan in the starring role. Beyond putting on a fine air show, the beast of a military plane also proves to double nicely as a motorbike launching pad, a perfect BASE jump plank that can accommodate your whole Crew, and a makeshift Speedophile ramp.Also Check Out:GTA 5 - THE STEEZY STUNTMAN by yec0dyJET-SETTINGFrannciiSs (BRAKEC_) | Jet Domination | GTA5 by xFrannciiSsFrannciiSs's Jet Domination montage featuring the P-996 Lazer starts off as a serenely chill showcase of an adrenaline-junkies pleasures traversing high and low over the rooftops and bridges of Los Santos. Then at about the 1:30 mark it really kicks into high gear with an impressive reverse takeoff that transitions into slick aerial maneuvering, with a particularly stunning one-winged spiral through the La Mesa storm drain canals.MORE RECOMMENDED VIEWINGAlso don’t miss these fun recent vids that we recently spotted and shouted out on Twitter – make sure you’re following us there to see some great videos shared on the regular:GTA 5: Sailing Safety by NoFunAllowed: The do's and don'ts of sailing told through a fun little silent film that isn't afraid to poke a bit of fun at the stunt montage genre.RESPECT THE VAN - GTAV 80s homage SOYA CREW by ceporspawn: Inspired by a Honda Odyssey commercial, SOYAPANGO Crew created their own "Respect the Van" video for your enjoyment.GTA 5 SIEGE!! - Cops & Robbers GTA V by HikePlays: Hike and friends engage in a fun metagame dubbed "SIEGE". The object being to take over the area or building the enemy is claiming as their base without the use of more powerful weapons such as explosives, miniguns or rocket launchers.Let's Play - GTA V - The Most Dangerous Game by LetsPlay: The Rooster Teeth gang gather to play a madcap, deadly version of "The Most Dangerous Game"."The Reason" A Freestyle BMX Montage by Fishy Dizzle: BMX maestro, Fishy Dizzle has an entire showcase of slickly produced freestyle montages on his YouTube channel. His latest offering features big air jumps, wall rides, stair grinds and more. Dig in.Grand Theft Auto 5 Online : HUGE SUPERCAR JUMPS by AR12Gaming: Nick Andrew and ThatDrTomGuy try out a custom Race designed for stunt jump style points dubbed Supercar BIG AIR (bridge). As always, if you've got an excellent GTA or Rockstar themed clip of your own that you think the world needs to see, feel free to drop it in the comments for the Social Club community to enjoy or send it our way to have a look at, and we may feature it in a future round-up here at the Newswire. Previously: GTAV "Hyper Timelapse", NO "There's a Glow" Music Vid, "The BMX Flow" Stunts & More
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