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GTA Fan Vids: Mind Tripping, 5 Stars Vs 2 Wheels, Historic Reenactments and More

The latest round-up of fan videos features an out of this world manifestation of one creative player's imagination, a particularly daring two-wheeled escape from aggressive LSPD pursuit, plus an original story set against the backdrop of a historical conflict. All this and more, straight ahead.MIND TRIPGTA V Online - WELCOME TO MY MIND by NexxuzHDThe past year has brought us lots of excellent timelapse videos, but here YouTuber NexxuzHD has kicked things up a notch with this dazzling presentation. Awesome video effects and seemingly painstakingly crafted shots showcase an ever-changing world literally morphing around one man as he travels through greater Los Santos. The vivid yet dreamy "Welcome To My Mind" is certainly one not to sleep on.Also Check Out:A World In Motion (GTA V Timelapse) by HnS Games HOT PURSUITGTA 5 Stunts - Incredible Police Chase! by MafiaStunting! / VaktikWe've definitely seen some impressive videos of players utilizing Franklin's special driving abilities to evade police during a 5 Star Wanted Level, such as clayman90's "5 Stars" Police Chase - but never before have we witnessed someone do it with such finesse and mastery on two wheels. With a decidedly high degree of difficulty, Franklin must dodge and weave to avoid being knocked off his motorcycle all throughout this chase. The definitive and utterly jaw-dropping moment occurs just past the three minute mark when our driver manages an over the shoulder sticky bomb toss at pursuing LSPD Helicopters while ramping directly into the sky. Remarkable skills on display here. Also Check Out:GTA 5 Worlds Scariest Police Chases Ep 1 by TheSLAPTrain1 NOSTALGIC NODSBranberry Shorts - Three Brothers in the Civil War by Sonny EvansSonny Evans, the creative and talented fan behind the Branberry Shorts videos series (which include music video & tv intro remakes, the unglamorous lives of skydive stunters and more) brings us this short film shot in GTA Online that tells the story of three brothers' tragic experiences during the Confederate conflict.Also Check Out:GTAV skydiving montage - The Bomb - A stunt montage by Sonny EvansBoardwalk Empire | GTA 5 Reenactment | Boardwalk Empire Intro by 8-BIT BASTARDKnown for creating sharp and spot-on GTA Online parodies of shows and films like The Sopranos and The Godfather, 8-BIT now brings the cool and calculating "Nucky" Thompson to life on the sunny shorelines of Vespucci Beach. Complete with bottles of Pißwasser washing up on the sand, the eye for detail here is great. Check it out for yourself and see how this shot-for-shot homage stacks up against the original intro here.GTA Online | "Best of 2014" Mashup Montage by El SerpeThose who've enjoyed previous efforts from video director and Aegis Legion leader El Serpe, should definitely take in this new mashup featuring a collection of utterly awesome moments masterfully set to a thumping music track that features "300 clips of the most awesome, original, extreme, and plain beautiful moments from the GTA Online community. This summer's 2014 Best of music video mashup montage will help you prepare your next Los Santos vacations." Certainly a great way to play us out of the summer season, El Serpe. MORE RECOMMENDED VIEWINGAlso don’t miss these fun vids that we recently spotted and shouted out on Twitter or simply took note of – make sure you’re following us there to see some great videos shared on the regular:GTA Online - Kill Bill Photo Project by GTA Series Videos: How far would you go to emulate your favorite classic action film and get the perfect Snapmatic shot of it?  GTA Series Video shows there's quite a bit of payoff in the final shot, if you're working with the right group of friends. John Marston // Maquillaje Cosplay Makeup FX by Keevanski: You may recall make-up maestro Keevanki's amazing work on an Undead Nightmare version of John Marston from our last round-up. Now, she applies a slightly different skillset and rather convincing gender-bending brush techniques to create this version of Marston proper. GTA 5: The Matrix Reloaded Remake (Highway Scene) by John Chapman: John previously got our attention with his GTA 5: Terminator 2: Judgment Day Remake. In this go-round he takes on the face-off scene between Morpheus and the translucent Twins from The Matrix Reloaded. Christine (GTA 5 Machinima) by ModernEntertainment: Horror movie buffs will fondly recall John Carpeneter's adaptation of writer Stephen King's jealous and murderously possessed 1958 Plymouth Fury. In this updated rendering we see the creepy car chillingly played by the Declasse Tornado. GTA 5 - BMX FREESTYLE 2 (GTA V BMX Stunts Montage) by RedKeyMon: It's been quite some time since RedKeyMon graced us with his exceptional BMX skills opting for high flying action in turbo-charged motorbikes and Super cars instead, as of late. We think this latest offering was well worth the wait.As always, if you've got an excellent GTA or Rockstar themed clip of your own that you think the world needs to see, feel free to drop it in the comments for the Social Club community to enjoy or send it our way to have a look at, and we may feature it in a future round-up here at the Newswire. Previously:Original GTAV Trailer in Madrid, Undead Marston Make-Up Tutorial, Pet Shop Boys Tribute & More
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