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GTA Online Creator Player-Made Challenges: Human Darts, Skeet Shooting, Triathlons and More

In addition to the structured Races, Deathmatches, Captures and Last Team Standings we've seen with the GTA Online Creator, scores of talented Job architects have also been using it to construct their own unique and fun gameplay challenges. Like the wildly popular Snipers vs. Stunters, these Jobs have been forged by savvy Creators using the aforementioned gameplay modes, but with a few instructions and 'house rules' style twists that are laid out in each of the Job's respective descriptions.Below, we've highlighted a few of the more unconventional creations that we think are worth checking out - complete with the original Creator's ground rules and links to bookmark them on Social Club.A Runner gets their payback in Railroad Deathrun.Railroad Deathrun by Ozoonn (PC)"Snipers will try and stop the Runners while they run on the obstacle track, there are various traps for the Sniper team to activate, Runners will try and reach the bus to then torch the Sniper team. Set game to Forced + Pickups."The Commissioner of the Boondock Amish Crew has created this LTS-style ‘deathrun’ where Runners must try to survive not only Sniper rounds but also the Truck traps laid about the route. If you're on the Runner team be sure to keep on the move and plan your jumps carefully so as not to fall off the course. As a Sniper, timing your shots is key.Pearls Triathlon by thejoker_420 (PS3 & PS4)"01: Triathlon across Del Perro Beach - 02: Start on a bike, reach the first stop at Pearls restaurant near the pier - 03: Jump from the pier, swim between the buoys, reach the second stop on the sea shore - 04: Run until you reach the third and final stop." By using the GTA Race option, thejoker_420 has laid out this particular Race in a GTAV Story Mode-style triathlon. As is tradition, you'll be required to cycle, swim, and run to get to the finish line, so be sure to have your stats maxed out before attempting to run this gauntlet.Skeet Shoot Minigame by WilkoKing (Xbox 360 & Xbox One)"One player drives up the ramp while the other player(s) shoot RPGs at the car in mid air. Swap out drivers every 3 attempts." The Leader of the Opressive Monarchy Crew has created mostly races so far on PC but luckily for the GTA Online community, WilkoKing has also taken a stab at creating this unusual challenge based on skeet shooting. In place of clay targets, a player must hop into one of the 22 Cheetahs lined up and make their way up the Weeny ramp while the rest of the combatants shoot RPGs at this high flying super car. Players have their choice of vantage point but your best bet is to make your way to the top of the LSIA Parking Garage (if you hadn’t spawned there already) where you can not only find a great shot but tons of RPG ammo.Flex your Muscle (car) in this floating platform derby.Sky Derby Muscle Cars by MaxTorque87 (PC)“Team Demo Derby on a Platform in the sky. Grab your team color car and knock off the other team's cars. If you fall off you are out of bounds and disqualifed. The Team that knocks all the other teams cars off in 5 minutes wins.”This Muscle Car demolition derby floating high above the Terminal was created by Commissioner of TEAM TIVAN Crew and also served as an inspiration for one of the Jobs in our ILL-GOTTEN GAINS Part 1 Event Weekend livestream. With a max player count of 30, players will find themselves on the teal or hot pink team to battle it out in their choice of Blades, Phoenix’, Gauntlets, Dominators, and Slamvans – the last of which seems to be easily pushed off the platform, as Jelly and company can attest.Scavenger Hunt by m1ndDr1fter (PS3 & PS4)"Brief cases are hidden somewhere all over San Andreas. Find them before the other team." Commissioner of the GTAAdventuresPS4 Crew, m1ndDr1fter, has used the Capture Creator to construct this county-wide Scavenger Hunt spanning the entire GTA Online map. Have your team split up and take to both air and land in order to locate the hidden Security Cases and bring them back to your base. Keep in mind you can hold up to 3 cases at a time before needing to drop them off, and don't be afraid to ditch your ride for another one - there are alternate (and possibly better) means of transportation parked at most of the bag drops.Bloody Darts by DpLoMaTiKiMuNeT (Xbox 360 & Xbox One)"Play darts, but instead leap from a building and use your body as the dart. Scoring is as follows; Within tire line-5 points, inside concrete circle-10, dark blue circle-20, pink circle-30, center circle-50, dead center-100. If you knock over cone/tire stack, double score. First to 500 points wins. Sniper rifle provided for watching other players."  The leader of the Mirror Park Drifters Crew has created a whopping 639 jobs on Xbox, and Bloody Darts is definitely one you won’t want to skip. Starting high atop the Maze Bank Tower, take turns flinging yourself from the roof to the ground below and land your flailing body on the impromptu dart board surrounding the plaza fountain. Be sure to jump from the specific points DpLoMaTiKiMuNeT has noted on the map with large "Go Right / Go Left" signs next to the tire stacks for your best shot at landing a bulls-eye.Have you constructed an epic challenge using the GTA Online Creator? Make sure to tag it #Challenge on Social Club and drop us a link either here in the comments or via Mouthoff so we can check it out - we may feature it in a future article at the Newswire, or play it on our weekly livestream for all to see.Previously:Player-Created Jobs Throwback to the days of Smuggler's Run, Manhunt and Midnight ClubPlayer-Created GTA Online Jobs: LSIA and Fort Zancudo Are Open for BusinessPlayer-Created GTA Online Jobs Inspired by Max Payne 3, L.A. Noire & Red Dead Redemption
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