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[RSS] GTA Online Event Weekend: Double GTA$ in All Adversary Modes & Races
« dnia: Poniedziałek, 1 Luty 2016, 17:20:45 »
GTA Online Event Weekend: Double GTA$ in All Adversary Modes & Races

Strap up and get ready to dive in to an adrenaline-fueled GTA Online Event Weekend, bursting at the seams with bonuses and rewards. Starting today and going through to midnight on Sunday, seize your opportunity to reap double GTA$ and RP in all Adversary Modes including the brand new Drop Zone; take your Custom Sultan RS or Banshee 900R for a spin with double GTA$ in all Races, get savings on skydiving gear and plenty more… DOUBLE GTA$ & RP IN ALL ADVERSARY MODESWith double GTA$ & RP in all Adversary Modes, your terminal velocity awaits in the furious free fall of Drop Zone. Up to four Teams of paratroopers will be fighting hard for a chance at territorial control, knowing that victory in the smoke-filled arenas of Drop Zone will result in rank and bank balance blowing up on the double.EVENT PLAYLISTSo that you can get in to the action immediately, simply hit the Event Button on the GTAV launch screens all weekend. You’ll be placed directly in to the Event Playlist alongside other eager competitors and if you complete all three Jobs in the Playlist win or lose, you’ll earn a bountiful reward of Sticky Bombs, SMG Ammo and Grenades to add to your arsenal.DOUBLE GTA$ IN ALL RACESFor all you keen car collectors and speed junkies, there’s some fresh wheels to spin on the streets of Los Santos. The new Karin Sultan and Bravado Banshee are now available from Benny’s Original Motor Works website and upgradeable into wide-body race versions at the Benny's location in Strawberry. Add to this a generous helping of double GTA$ on all Races and look forward to a potent weekend of competitive motorsports.50% DISCOUNTS ON PARATROOPER GEARSo you’re not left hanging without the essential skills for Drop Zone, there’s a 50% discount on all Paratrooper gear this weekend. Stock up on Parachutes and Parachute Smoke to perfect your landing approaches in Freemode. Parachute Bags and Bulletproof Helmets are also available at half off all weekend.25% OF ALL GARAGE PROPERTIESMake room for the new Sultan RS and Banshee 900R – or any additional vehicles you’ve been eyeing up for your automotive collection – with a cool 25% off all Garage Properties. If you’ve been scouting new neighborhoods with extra room for those prized rides, then now’s the time.THE OFFICIAL ROCKSTAR GAMES LIVESTREAMAnd tune in today Friday 29th at 5pm ET to the official Rockstar Games Twitch and YouTube channels, as the Rockstar Broadcast team are joined by special guests TheGamingLemon, Slogoman and Spamfish to play the new Drop Zone Adversary Mode, race the new Sultan RS and Banshee 900R across Southern San Andreas, and more. Keep an eye on Twitter for a chance to get involved and join the livestream game lobby – and Follow or Subscribe on YouTube and Twitch now for notifications whenever we go live. Previously:GTA Online Updates Today: Drop Zone Adversary Mode plus New Sultan and Banshee Customizable Wide Body Race Cars
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