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[RSS] GTA Online: Further Adventures in Finance and Felony Now Available
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GTA Online: Further Adventures in Finance and Felony Now Available

Continue your mission to become the ultimate criminal kingpin of Los Santos and Blaine County in GTA Online: Further Adventures in Finance and Felony, now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. As CEO, you'll enjoy all the special abilities of being a VIP, plus access to a whole new frontier of black market opportunities with SecuroServ’s patented Special Cargo Network, allowing you to buy and sell illegal goods across a city-wide empire.THE EXECUTIVE SUITETo get your operation up and running, you'll need an executive office fitting the title along with a skillful team of hired Associates. Dynasty 8 Executive Realty, in partnership with SecuroServ, now have a new line of deluxe office suites specifically for the motivated career criminal. These masterpieces in executive design come with a full-time assistant, helipad, boardroom, Don’t Cross the Line arcade game, and optional storage space like the Gun Locker, allowing you to personalize your perfect weapon loadout before you go on the job.An executive office also includes private access to the SecuroServ Special Cargo Network, which you’ll use to invest in Warehouses and traffic rare and exotic product throughout the city. Warehouses store all Special Cargo and storage space is valuable; manage your inventory wisely and maximize your margins by selling when the prices are right.Run dangerous, multi-part Buy Missions with your team of Associates to store and stockpile Special Cargo.BUY AND SELL SPECIAL CARGO Buy missions require skill from a coordinated team of Associates to successfully pull off. Missions are grouped into three categories that increase in difficulty based on how many crates of contraband you intend to purchase and how much risk you are willing to take on. With greater risks – whether from the FIB, LSPD or rival player Organizations – come greater rewards. Manage your inventory carefully from Small, Medium and Large Warehouses. Overstocked warehouses with lucrative goods won’t stay secret for long...Accumulating inventory will drive demand in the market. When the time comes to sell, you’ll have various offers to choose from based on your inventory. Sell missions require constant vigilance; keep your eyes peeled as the job isn’t over until all of your Cargo is safely transported, and destroyed Cargo can eat into your profits.DEFEND YOUR WAREHOUSEMajor players attract attention and warehouses stocked with high volumes of valuable goods won’t stay secret for long. Act quickly to avoid losing a percentage of your Special Cargo in surprise attacks from resident gangs of Los Santos.Defend your ground – gang members run counter operations with full frontal attacks and raids from back alleys.NEW VIP WORK & CHALLENGESCEOs will enjoy all of the perks of being a VIP, including access to new sources of illicit funds and challenges.VIP WorkHeadhunter: Assassinate key targets across the map against the clock.Airfreight: Liberate some valuable cargo from its armed guard and fly it to safety.Haulage: Be the first to deliver a trailer full of tax-exempt merchandise to its wrongful owner.VIP ChallengesCashing Out: Be the pack leader in the latest wave of ATM fraud to hit the streets of Los Santos.Salvage: Compete to retrieve the most lost cargo from the ocean floor. Work alongside your fellow bodyguards to defend a Cargobob against player rivals and the LSPD in Airfreight.NEW VEHICLES, ATTIRE & WEAPON ATTACHMENTSDo you have a taste for the brutally fast, the brutally efficient or the just plain brutal?  Whatever your preference, the latest wave of NEW transport options is bound to hit your sweet spot. From the monstrous HVY Brickade available at Warstock Cache & Carry and menacing Bravado Rumpo Custom from Southern San Andreas Autos, to the new generation of Super and Sports cars now in stock at Legendary Motorsport like the Pegassi Reaper, Vapid FMJ, Grotti Bestia GTS and Enus Windsor Drop, to the luxurious and speedy Buckingham Nimbus and Volatus from Elitas Travel and even the hulking Tug available on order from DockTease, getting from A to B has never looked and felt this good.Previously exclusive VIP and bodyguard clothing plus all-new SecuroServ branded merchandise are also hitting the clothing racks in Los Santos. Whether you want your first impression to be a sophisticated crime lord or a gorilla for hire, there’s something just right for you. And nothing wrecks an otherwise solid Special Cargo mission like running short on ammo. Unleash a barrage of bullets from a range of weapons by grabbing Drum & Box Magazine attachments from your local Ammu-Nation.NEW TRADING PLACES ADVERSARY MODEIn the land of the Haves and the Have-Nots, this Adversary Mode is your chance to engage in some aggressive social climbing. The Winners team is destined for success, the Losers team is doomed to fail, and there’s only one way to move between the two: ruthlessly murder a Winner and take their place.EVENT WEEK BONUSES (JUNE 7TH - 13TH)Establish some concrete foundations for your burgeoning Organization by profiting from the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony Bonus Week, starting today and running through to Monday, June 13th. Unlock the Pastel Green Pajamas and Pastel Green Smoking Jacket just by logging in to GTA Online this week, plus get 25% off the Buzzard Attack Chopper from Warstock Cache & Carry as well as all services from both Lester and Merryweather Security – key assets for trafficking your Cargo under duress or keeping your Organization off the grid. And equip your Organization fittingly with 25% discounts at Ammu-Nation across a large range of munitions and armaments, including:Carbine, Assault and Compact RiflesMachine PistolSMGHeavy ShotgunCombat PDWAll AmmoWeapon Tints and Etched FinishesBody ArmorParachute Bags and CanopiesSOCIAL CLUB SWEEPSTAKESAn Executive office is not complete without being donned with spoils of crime. Try your luck in our Social Club Executive Merchandise Sweepstakes featuring tons of paraphernalia fit for a criminal kingpin. Hang your very own GTAV Air Freshener in your ride while wearing a slick Grotti Polo and blaring your GTAV Vinyl Soundtrack, light up a fat cigar with the official GTAV Chrome Zippo, spruce up your office desk with a GTAV Gold Bar USB, iFruit Mouse Pad, and Epsilon Paper Weight, and transform your fridge into a safe for all that cold hard cash with the GTAV Kitchen Timer. Head over now to the Social Club Events Page to enter.GTA$1M CEO SNAPMATIC CONTESTCelebrate your climb up the corporate criminal ladder with proper photographic documentation, and add a cool GTA$1M to your asset portfolio in the CEO Snapmatic Competition. Eligible photos must be published between today and the end of the day on Tuesday, June 14th - and must feature content from Further Adventures in Finance and Felony. Also, make sure to tag your photo with "CEO" on Social Club. Full rules here.OFFICIAL LIVE STREAM BROADCAST THIS FRIDAYOn Friday, June 10th at 5pm ET, join us at either the official Rockstar Games Twitch or YouTube channel for a live stream featuring Further Adventures in Finance and Felony, hosted by the Rockstar Broadcast team and featuring special guests to be announced.And of course stay tuned to the Rockstar Newswire for info on future GTA Online updates, including details on Cunning Stunts.
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