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[RSS] GTA Online Jobs On Film: Corkscrews, Sky Races & Captures
« dnia: Czwartek, 3 Grudzień 2015, 21:14:10 »
GTA Online Jobs On Film: Corkscrews, Sky Races & Captures

GTA Online Creator Jobs on Film is our Newswire series featuring fun player-created Jobs that have been played and recorded by members of the GTA Online YouTube community. Watch the videos to see the Jobs in action, and then bookmark them using the links provided to try them out for yourself.With all the new activities added to GTA Online over the past few months, including new Adversary Modes like Running Back and Slasher, the addition of fully customizable rides and new missions in GTA Online: Lowriders, and all activities added in the Freemode Events Update, some GTA Online players may have missed a few oft-requested features and updates that made their way into the Creator tool as part of this update. These include:Prop rotation options allowing Creators to change the pitch, roll and yaw of any Props.Support for Prop stacking giving Creators the ability to place Props on top of one another and place floating Props.The ability to create Prop templates to group Props together and re-use again and again. For example, several ramps stacked against each other can now be saved as a single template of a large ramp and quickly replicated across the map.With these features, canny Creators of GTA Online Jobs are able to craft all sorts of creative parkour, stunting and platform game experiences using the rooftops and rarefied skies of Los Santos as a dangerous playground. In this article, GTA YouTube community stars Jelly, TmarTn and others showcase a few standout Jobs that demonstrate just what's possible with the GTA Online Creator.The Job:  Mega Spiral Corkscrew by Guilherme_94 (PC)The Video: Twister Loopings by JellyYTGuilherme_94 created Mega Spiral Corkscrew within days of the new Rockstar Creator updates going live and puts them to the best use imaginable with this insane triple corkscrew down at Los Santos docks. Jelly, Slogoman and Kwebbelkop (aka Team Robust) took on Guilherme's challenge, releasing this awe-inspiring vid just a few weeks later. The Job:  #*SKY DRIVE*# by jeyk67 (PS4)The video: Sky Drive by PetayPanMofoSky Drive has been incredibly popular on YouTube, thanks to its stomach-lurching views across Blaine County with high speeds and high stakes on each of the banked corners. We picked out this demo video in which PetayPanMofo (himself a pretty accomplished Job Creator) has integrated slow motion effects via the Rockstar Editor for some spectacular slides and spills.The Job:  80 LINES by Raymond_Calitri (Xbox One)The Video: GTA 5 - GTA Creators Live Competition by Lady Miss 80sWith a brief of "one Job, 30 minutes, unlimited possibilities", Lady Miss 80s' most recent GTA Online Creator live stream challenges six Creators to put their best Capture Jobs up to public scrutiny live on stream. On the day, Verified Creator Raymond_Calitri won out with his brilliantly simple Job 80 LINES in which the 2 teams make their way down long corridors to grab bags from their opponents. With no cover and just a Heavy Sniper to defend yourself, it's crucial to be quick on the draw and no scope your way out of trouble. The video Job showcases this Job along with all the other entries; keep an eye on LadyMiss80s Twitter for more announcements about upcoming Creator contests. The Job:  Ibiza Morning After by xInsert_Coinx (PC)The video: PARTY ISLAND - GTA 5 Gameplay by FunhausThe Funhaus squad show us their best flanking maneuvers in this riotous Deathmatch created by xInsert_Coinx for the PC that uses floating Props to create a spiral staircase out of one of the rocky outcrops off the coast of the Palomino Highlands. Watch out for some questionable sniping skills and unabashed back-seat gaming that we've come to expect from the Funhaus guys.The Job:  !!!RPG VS. STUNTPLANE!!! by Cranxdk (PS3)The video: Grand Theft Auto 5 Multiplayer - Part 419 - Planes vs RPGs by TmarTn2In a slight variation on the fan favorite Stunters vs Snipers, TmarTn takes to the skies and attempts to dispatch some RPG-toting players atop a platform floating high above the Sandy Shores Airfield. As TmarTn is keen to point out, this Last Team Standing "is harder than it looks". Also Check Out:The Job:  Moto SKILL TEST (waves) by FINezula (Xbox One)The video: GTA 5 Funny Moments #250 With The Sidemen (GTA 5 Online Funny Moments) by Vikkstar123 "Oh... my... God" is the appropriate reaction as heard when The Sidemen catch their first glimpse of the undulating ramps that lay ahead of them in this devilish watery platform challenge created by motorcycle skill test master IxI-eZula-lxl. Watch the lads try and demonstrate their nautical prowess in the rough seas of San Andreas - and then try your hand to see how you fare. Taking it slow is the key to maintaining control of the motorbike while navigating the floating debris in this one.The Job:  Parking Drifters by TheReagan (PC)The video: GTA 5 PC - Parking Drifters - Race Showcase by ReaganWhile it doesn't contain any raised ramps, we had to include TheReagan's incredible demo video. It's one thing to create an awesome Job, but quite another to publish an accompanying video of equal style and panache. Using the power of the Rockstar Editor, Reagan does an impeccable job of immortalizing his drifting skills in the car park of the Maze Bank Arena. Extra style points for the drift up the ramp at the 2:09 mark.?The Job:  Speedway City Tour by RDT33- (Xbox 360)The video: Speedway City Tour by RDT33 GTA V by LambentBunnyAce lead foot Lambent Bunny pushes the Entity XF to its limits as she storms along the racing line around RDT33-'s Speedway City Tour available on the Xbox 360.The Job:  Very hard race by Ikillyou4free (PS4)The video: LA CARRERA IMPOSIBLE!!! EN 2.0 "GTA V ONLINE" by byAbeelSpanish GTA YouTuber byAbeel navigates this tricky obstacle course that ventures high above the streets of Los Santos. Created by Germany's ikillyou4free with a straight-to-the-point title, it starts off simple enough, but soon ventures into uncharted aerial territory. Checkpoints are intentionally spaced few and far between, so your blood pressure may rise higher than your Zentorno as you try to hop, skip and jump to the next floating platform. If you've played or created any awesome, physics-defying GTA Online Jobs recently then feel free to drop a Social Club link in the comments so that the entire community can check them out.Previously:Crazy Train Track Races and Explosive Deathmatches Captured by Team Epiphany, HikeTheGamer and OthersCreative and Challenging Custom Jobs as Demoed by NerdCubed, Olli43 and More
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