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GTA Online Jobs On Film: Stunt Races Created by the Social Club Community

With the Stunt Race Creator now having been in the hands of the community for just over a month, we've seen a flurry of YouTubers uploading their adventures playing some of these imaginative user-created Stunt Races. Check out this round-up of a few of our favorite custom Stunt Race gameplay videos, and if you fancy playing any of these yourself, just bookmark the link below each of the videos to have them readily available the next time you head into GTA Online.The Job:  Crazy Crossover Carnival by Evil_tuinhek (PS4)The Video: The Impossible Maze by MM7 GamesMiniminter and the Sidemen play through a day one Job by Evil_tuinhek of the well-known Nonchalant Dominance Crew. This Race for up to 20 players weaves together several Crossover props (Tuinhek has used additional props just for aesthetic purposes, a creative touch that brings the Race to life), and there are also excellent opportunities for stragglers to vindictively take out leaders in this one and level the playing field.The Job:  BEST RACE OF ALL TIME!? by Unspoken_OUCH (XB1)The Video: Creator Stunt Races & Entourage with Special Community Guests by Rockstar Broadcast TeamWith the audible cries of one particularly frustrated Rockstar Broadcast Team member in the background, Evolve Stunting's ohBrox and Snapmatic virtuoso Charmlessrogue have a much better go at the ginormous ramps and intense wallrides of Unspoken_Ouch's "BEST RACE OF ALL TIME!?" Watch as they, along with Viboxing and Gtamen and others, attempt to tackle this one (you can also watch the full broadcast in its entirety here).The Job:  Collision Course by Meme4567890PSN (PS4)The Video: Top 3 Creator Maps of the Week Ep. 126 by GtamenA walkthrough from the effusive Gtamen, who picked this map out as his favorite during the first week of the GTA Online Stunt Creator’s availability. As he puts it himself, "It's brilliant. It's f*&$%ing brilliant. I love it. It's so well done." Couldn't have said it better. This track uses the new Split Checkpoints feature to create maximum opportunity for crashes. We also like the use of the Slow Down prop to create a stomach churning mid-air break in the space-time continuum.The Job:  Hole in one by TinyMarvelous (PC)The Video: GTA 5 Cunning Stunts: Hole in One by SpelarkivetWhile there's no commentary in this one, it's still worth a look for a demo of a super crisp Stunt Race. TinyMarvelous uses props brilliantly to create not only a quarter pipe transfer straight off the opening grid, but also a delicately balanced leap into a hole in one. Kudos as well for using cut out tubes to give racers who overshoot the tunnel opening a chance to re-join the Race.The Job:  3 Stunt Monte by MTL_RELLIK (XB1)The Video: Absurd Underwater GTA 5 Stunt Race + Bonus Race! (Grand Theft Auto 5 Cunning Stunts Community Maps) by SwiftorSwiftor gets off to a rough start in this Stunt Race made by longtime collaborator Rellik. Watch as Swift deftly maneuvers through three major stunts - culminating in a major wallride, half pipe and loop tube combination.The Job:  HARVs sTuNtPaRk by just1more_Harvey (PC)The Video: Harv's Stunt park by Random GTA V MomentsIf you're looking to get your Stunt Race tested out, you could do worse than to get in touch with Random GTA V Moments, who have put out a call on Reddit to test out users' Jobs and publish videos. Listen to him and his friends evaluate the Race as they play and offer some constructive feedback on the Jobs tested so far.Also check out:The Job:  Maze Bank Loop by iTwisterr (PS4)The Video: Maze Bank Loop by iTwisterr Rockstar Games Live Stream Playlist winner iTwisterr talks us through his first 30-player Stunt Race, breaking down in detail how each section was put together.The Job:  Templar Tube Circuit by moppaking (PC)The Video: Templar Tube Circuit by moppakingMoppaking's wordless tour of this circuit, set to a thumping techno soundtrack, is a mesmerizing exhibition in Race-craft. As moppaking explains, the track is "aimed at endurance Races, since it comes with a proper pit lane and has to be played in GTA mode for the repair kits to appear."The Job:  ?????#2 by M-at-suRi (PS4)The Video: No Fail Technical Race by Evolve StuntingAn incredible exhibition by Albert Beck of the renowned Evolve Stunting Crew, as he tackles a fiendishly difficult track put together by M-at-suRi.Previously:GTA Online Creator Jobs on Film: Karin Sultan RS Rally Race, Beach War & MoreGTA Online Creator Jobs On Film: Insurgents vs Choppers, Mega Ramps & More
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