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[RSS] GTA Online Power Play: Playback by the GTA Online Community
« dnia: Poniedziałek, 27 Czerwiec 2016, 17:39:27 »
GTA Online Power Play: Playback by the GTA Online Community

Whether you're Beasted, Zoned or Doped, the frenetic nature of Power Play has already produced some incredible moments since its addition to GTA Online this week. Captured on camera by members of the GTA Online community, we've picked out some of the most replay-worthy thrills, kills and spills for you below:Müz and the REBL Crew unleash the Beast in cinematic style with a slick montage of intense Power Play action. Dom's "Living in America," which can be heard on Radio Mirror Park, is the perfect accompaniment to a bit of the ultraviolence by Müz and company.Power Play with @Gtadoll #GTAV #GTAOnline @RockstarGames— GTAFIVEONLINE (@gtafiveallday) June 22, 2016Our friend, Brooklyn's own GTAFIVEONLINE, racks up a bloody kill against gtadoll for The Toxic Pests during some well-earned yard time at Bolingbroke Penitentiary. Getting mullered by @handsome_h77 I had no chance! #adversarymode #powerplay #instagamer #gtasnapmatic #gtaphotographers #gta #gtav #gtaonline #gtafiveonline #rockstargames #rockstar #rockstareditor #psn #ps #ps4A video posted by iC2Archery (@ic2archery) on Jun 22, 2016 at 5:03am PDTSometimes, you just know when your time is up; instead of burying his head in the sand, ic2archery gracefully accepts the inevitable as a Beasted Killer Bug moves in for the kill.Learning to use the new power-ups effectively is key to victory - a notion expertly demonstrated by FxChannel Gaming, as he makes the most of his Zoned and Beasted moments.POWER PLAY#GTAV #RACN #RockstarGames @RockstarGames— ?? (@makimaki_3333) June 22, 2016makimaki_3333 proudly displays The Boars' team colors during an extreme battle against The Cocks.LMFAO!!! Did not see this coming #EpicFail #GTAOnline #GTAV #CrimedotteMafia #PowerPlay @RockstarGames— KCs NOTORIOUS (@KCsNOTORIOUS) June 22, 2016They say that all good things must come to an end; KCs Notorious learned this the hard way, when his Beasted power-up ran out mid-jump, setting him up for a bite of humble pie with a side of concrete.Loving the new Power Play mode! Too much fun. #GTAOnline @RockstarGames— GTA Series Videos (@GTASeries) June 21, 2016The Beast's super jump and blistering speed abilities can be a deadly combo, especially in the right hands. The guys at long-running fan channel GTA Series Videos show us how it's done, by athletically outmaneuvering a Minigun before going in for the kill.Watch plenty of adrenaline-pumping rounds of Power Play during our official Rockstar live stream, this Friday at 5pm ET on the official Rockstar YouTube and Twitch channels. As always, if you've got any awesome gameplay GIFs or Rockstar Editor clips you'd like to send us, be sure to hit us up via Mouthoff, or share them in the comments below.
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