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GTA on YouTube: Favorite VERSUS MISSION Videos with Achievement Hunter, The Sidemen & More

With GTA Online Versus Missions dishing out Double GTA$ and RP this week, we've rounded up some of our all-time favorite gameplay videos, featuring missions like “Top Fun”, “Air Force Zero”, “Truck Off” and more. Acquaint (or re-acquaint) yourself with these combative missions by watching the likes of Lui Calibre, The Sidemen, Smosh Games and the Achievement Hunter gang tackle them – and then bookmark them for play yourself with handy direct links to the specific missions played below each video.Top Fun by LetsPlayVersus Missions: Top Fun, II, IIIIn the “Top Fun” series of missions, a team of runners on the ground in cars or dirt bikes have to make it to their destination before a team of fighter jets chasing from above can target them for destruction. A classic from the Achievement Hunter library, this Let's Play is the first of two Top Fun sessions they did (the team enjoyed it so much, they returned a year later for a reboot with a new line-up). Our friends Yogscast Lewis, Simon and Sips also tried their hand at outrunning the Lazers in this great vid also worth a watch.King Of The Skies by Lui CalibreVersus Missions: Acquire Targets I, II, IIILui Calibre, Daithi De Nogla, Silent Droidd, Miniladd and BasicallyIDoWrk dogfight over the flags in the VS Mission aerial take on CTF called "Acquire Targets". Its "all for one and one against Lui", whose natural talent at all things GTA Online is on display, even managing to pick up a point while careering engineless into the ground. You can also check out BasicallyIDoWrk's vantage point (and reluctant tribute to Lui's flying skills) in this video.INTO THE WILD! by MM7GamesVersus Mission: Into The WildMiniminter and the lads from The Sidemen go "Into The Wild" as helicopter-piloting Hunters trying to take out the Runners before they can make it to Raton Canyon. Simon manages to find some inventive ways to take out the Runners using suicide missions, or simply relying on the fortuitous ineptitude of the competition. See how things played out from Tobi's perspective in his accompanying video.TRUCK OFF by Beh2ingaVersus Mission: Truck OffHere, The Sidemen try their hand at "Truck Off", aiming to deliver some precious Cargo to the Joshua trees of the Grand Senora Desert amidst hostile conditions. Vikk is left alone to face the music, with predictable consequences.Air Force & Chill by Smosh Games Versus Missions: Air Force Zero I, II, III, IV, VMari, Jovenshire, Lasercorn and the rest of the gang from Smosh Games endeavor to take out Air Force Zero, high in the skies above Los Santos. Probably never a good idea to engage in precarious aerial attack and defend maneuvers when you’re still nursing that Mount bourbon hangover.Let us know in the comments below if you've got a favorite Versus Mission, or another favorite video (including any of your own!) playing any of the Double GTA$ & RP Versus Missions this week. Previously:Double GTA$ & RP in all GTA Online Versus Missions: March 4 - 10Fan Vids: Romancing the Albany Roosevelt, Bonnie and Clyde Capers & MoreFan Vids: Cosmic Soliloquies, Squid Physics Cover, Bounty Hunter Action Sequence & More
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