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Grand Theft Auto V Previews from Around the World including a Full Week of Features at IGN

After Game Informer's preview last week, outlets around the world had their chance to check out Grand Theft Auto V. IGN's week of exclusive content kicked off yesterday with their impressions of the game so far:“One thing’s for sure, the most exciting aspect of GTA V is not just the way it promises to shake up the open-world genre, but also the freedom and flexibility it promises… Grand Theft Auto V could be the benchmark by which all other games – not just open-world games – will be judged against.”IGN's preview can be found here. Their editors also sat down for a roundtable discussion about the game, and they've got a full week of additional coverage planned - including a live extended Rewind Theater for Trailer #2. To see the full week of content as it unfolds, just click here. UK's Guardian newspaper also got an in-depth preview of the game as well:"This is Grand Theft Auto V, the latest title in a series that has dragged video games kicking and screaming onto the cultural agenda. GTA has always been about possibilities. That is why it is so exciting to see the series return, amid the indie titles it has inspired, and the Triple A titles that have grown up in its shadow. Grand Theft Auto has always sought to push at what game worlds are, it is inarguably ambitious."Read more at and check out links to previews from a bunch of international sites below, as well as a roundtable discussion the guys at Game Informer conducted. US, UK and Australia: IGN | The Guardian | Game InformerFrance: Libération | JeuxActuGermany: Spiegel | Games AktuellItaly: MultiplayerBelgium and The Netherlands: InsideGamer | | NU.nlSpain: | MeriStation
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