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[RSS] #Lowriders and #Halloween Snapmatic Contest Winners
« dnia: Czwartek, 12 Listopad 2015, 23:26:49 »
#Lowriders and #Halloween Snapmatic Contest Winners

Snapmatic photographers all over southern S.A. competed to see who could most artfully capture the freshly tailored rides from GTA Online: Lowriders and who could come up with the most photogenically frightening scenarios featuring the new content from the Halloween Surprise. We’ve dived into Social Club to find Snaps worthy as the winners of the official #LOWRIDERS and #HALLOWEEN Snapmatic Contests and rec*pients of GTA$1,000,000. Check out these glorious shots taken by some first time ever winners and some returning photography champions as well, plus some fantastic honorable mentions to follow. #LOWRIDERS SNAPMATIC WINNERSPacific Ocean by Vertigo9219Gorgeous color and impeccable framing. Leader of the ADULTS ONLY Crew, Vertigo9219, takes this Lowrider out for an oceanside repose.Leopard Print by ArtsyBooArtsyBoo knows the devil is in the details – just check out the perfect accessorizing in this sexy shot of a custom Hot Pink Buccaneer with Pink Leopard Patent Heels to match. Don't Mess With Vagos by ChaosZakeChaosZake gives fair warning to anyone who may want to go head to head with the Vagos in this clever trick photo at a dutch angle. If they can lift a Custom Vapid Chino with a mere finger, you probably don't want to mess.Olympic FWY by R1CHIECR1CHIEC and the squad show off the Declasse Moonbeam's ability to allow passengers to fire two-handed assault rifles from the van's back and sidedoor (even if your driver is a little tipsy). SPF 1000 by SilverFox1Who needs SPF when you’ve got SilverFox1's Custom Voodoo throwing shade on Vespucci Beach.Honorable Mentions...Genuine Elites’ Leader HairyHole appropriately titles his Snapmatic "Euphoria" to match the ecstasy of the Voodoo Livery paint job art with an equally sultry GTA Online character. High jumps aren’t just for athletes in Quaid86’s "Ground Clearance" Snapmatic.AlexSniperBullet was looking to make a big splash in Vinewood by pulling off a positively cinematic launch over its landmark sign in "Bouncing on Vinewood".Looking to add some legit drama to this hectic scene on "Portlola Dr", Vinewoodonfire lives up to his name by calling in an airstrike while surfing on the hood of his custom whip.NorthernScript seems to have attracted the perfect friend to complement his custom San Andreas plaque on "Mount Gordo".  #HALLOWEEN SNAPMATIC WINNERSSMILEY by BanJabiThe evil queen supreme of the pumpkin patch rises in this maniacal Snap.BURTON by PhenaxMusicThe #Halloween Snapmatic contest was rife with inspired homages to classic horror flicks – but for this one, PhenaxMusic dug wayyy deep with a brilliant re-creation of the iconic final scene from one of the earliest horror movies ever, 1922’s Nosferatu by F.W. Murnau. Eschewing the Count Orlok-esque White Vampyr mask in game, PhenaxMusic makes use of the new Classic Lucifer mask in honor of the Halloween Surprise.BEAM ME UP by incredible91852incredible91852 aka Wendy Rich, makes appropriate use of the new Blue Hypnotic Alien mask, and a little help from the Rockstar Editor, to create this otherworldly return to the mothership. STRAIGHT FROM HELL by SariskaWith a perfect storm of composition, lighting and action - Sariska creates an epic, apocalyptic shot.DEVIL'S PLAYGROUND by SzaboAndrisPerhaps the most genuinely spooky shot we’d seen posted all weekend. Imagine making your way through the darkness of the Abandoned Mineshafts in Great Chaparral with nothing but a flashlight in hand, when this face appears in the distance…Honorable gets the perfect angle to catch their Mummy Bobble head singing into the Old School Mic Column Shifter Lever in "ONE FOR THE MUMMY".Horror movie heavyweights duke it out in greatler's "FREDDY VS JASON" with the Vinewood sign in the background.lvc0034's "DEADLY COMBINATION" depicts a hellish shot of the Fränken Stange and an ominous chauffeur approaching.Caught somewhere between Jeff Goldblum and Missy Elliot, Quaid86 found some burning inspiration for this I-was-a-teenage-Fly shot cleverly titled "Me I’m Supa Fly".JayIsFNMental lives up to his namesake with this simple but horrific shot of him literally going out of his head in "Rockford Hills".A menacing black on red silhouette evocative of Children of the Corn captured by Basimatic in a lonely field in Great Chaparral. Titled: "??????????".Thanks again to everyone who partic*pated in both the Lowriders and the Halloween Social Club Event Weekends, here’s a list of all the winners of the prize packs as of now.Lowriders Prize Pack Winners: Crashure, Seltsem, SovietEmployee, Joya_Lita and Stroop14.Halloween Prize Pack Winners: Narobic, b_rodriguez1617, mouhamed_kebe, vanillaice84 and Digital_Gimp.If you missed either of the last two official Rockstar event livestreams with guests like Lui Calibre, Wildcat, Daithi De Nogla, SilentDroidd and Swiftor, below you can check out archives posted by Daithi and Wildcat of the whole stream captured from their perspective.For those of you who want the chance to nab one of those Rockstar livestream chat exclusive in-game tees, not to worry – just turn up at any of our upcoming streams as we’ll be blasting the t-shirt cannon at the very end of them for lucky viewers so there’s always an opportunity to get one if you’re in the crowd at these live events.GTA Online: Lowriders w/ Lui Calibre, Daithi De Nogla & SilentDroid posted by Daithi De Nogla GTA Online Halloween Surprise Livestream! - Costume Contest, Slasher, and Hearse! posted by I AM WILDCAT GTA Online: Halloween Surprise Livestream w/ Lui Calibre, IAmWildcat, Daithi De Nogla & Swiftor posted by Daithi De Nogla Previously:Halloween Surprise Event WeekendThe Lowriders Event WeekendGTA Online: Lowriders Now Available
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