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Pfister 811 Supercar Added to GTA Online Today ? Plus Event Bonuses Featuring Independence Weekend Specials

The Pfister 811, the latest Supercar to be added to this season’s new inventory at Legendary Motorsport is now available to purchase directly from in GTA Online. Pfister's first foray into the Supercar class, the 811 is an ample competitor with a sleek, refined look. To celebrate its arrival, look out for an assortment of bonuses in GTA Online this week, including: Double GTA$ & RP Street Racing PlaylistToday through this Thursday June 30 only:Put your Pfister through its paces in an up-to-8-player Playlist featuring “Senora Freeway”, “Arms Race” and “Business Trip”.40% off the Turreted Limo and Karin TechnicalSick of having to choose between the comfort and status of a limousine and the sheer utility of an Armored Personnel Carrier? With the Turreted Limo first made available in Executives and Other Criminals, you don't have to. And if you’re looking for something a little less extravagant, but still fully functional during a highway skirmish, you can also grab the Karin Technical at a 40% discount.40% off all MasksHit up Vespucci Movie Masks this week for all your facial concealment needs.50% off Bull Shark TestosteroneDial up everybody's favorite Alpha and get half off this popular ‘supplement’.And beginning this Friday July 1 – celebrate Independence Day the American way – with monster trucks, dirt bikes, fireworks and copious consumption of GTA$ & RP.Double GTA$ & RP Independence Weekend PlaylistFriday July 1 – Monday July 4An up-to-8-player Playlist featuring “Road Tripping” (TDM), “Across the Wilderness” (locked to the Liberator monster truck), and “Tour the Lake” (locked to the Sovereign motorbike).All of the original Independence Day Special content will be returning to GTA Online from this Friday July 1 all the way through Monday July 11th – and will also be on sale at 25% off: Liberator monster truckSovereign motorcycleFirework Rocket Launcher and its ammoIndependence Day Special patriotic gear including Hats, T-shirts and moreAnd stay tuned for details on this week's official pre-Independence Day live stream, featuring the Rockstar Broadcast Team and special guests to be announced, this Friday at 5pm ET on the official Rockstar YouTube and Twitch channels.UPDATE: BIG GTA$ REBATES NOW THRU JULY 7THNow through Thursday, July 7th you can also get what you want even faster with GTA$ cash-back rebate bonuses on any Bull, Great White, Whale or Megalodon Shark Card. The bigger the card value, the heftier the GTA$ rebate you'll get:Bull Shark - 15% money back (GTA$75,000)Great White Shark – 30% money back (GTA$375,000)Whale Shark – 35% money back (GTA$1,225,000)Megalodon Shark – 50% money back (GTA$4,000,000)All the bonus GTA$ you earn during that period will be automatically deposited as one lump sum in your in-game Maze Bank Checking account by Monday, July 11th. You can purchase Shark Cards in-game or via your favorite online or local retailer. Spend wisely, cash therapy is fleeting. More details.
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