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Rockstar Editor Fan Vids: Red Dead Tribute, The Hit and Next Level Drifting Skills

The cameras at Richards Majestic Studios keep rolling with video creators hard at work harnessing footage worthy of the silver screen via the Rockstar Editor. In the latest set of GTAV fan videos, we continue to see a broad range of styles, with everything from action-packed sequences to inspired tributes, and even a bit of dark comedy.GTA 5 - Red Dead Redemption Tribute [Rockstar Editor] by GTA Series VideosTo help celebrate the recent 5th anniversary of Red Dead Redemption, the team over at GTA Series Videos decided to utilize a single player GTAV PC modification dubbed the "Modern-ish John Marston Mod" in tandem with the Rockstar Editor on this tribute. Devoted fans of Red Dead will certainly walk away with a serious case of nostalgia after viewing this - but may also be surprised at the many creative ways this classic western character is translated into a modern setting.Also Check Out:GTA 5 - Lester's Dance by GTA Series VideosGTAV - The Hit by Boris the BladeTwo friends out for a casual drive are suddenly ambushed by a pair of ruthless masked assassins, in Boris the Blade's follow-up to the previously featured Super Clown. As the remaining survivor attempts to make a daring escape on a Nagasaki Carbon RS, the duo pursue him via land and sky through a series of dangerous jumps and closed off tunnels, in this high octane presentation that features a daring and explosive conclusion.A Heartfelt Movie Ending - GTA 5 Cinematic (Rockstar Editor) by CommandoflaugeDespite starting out as a classic take on the coming-of-age movie monologue trope, this short takes on a decidedly dark twist when our narrator starts to ponder his friend Danny's connection to the disappearances and deaths of many of their mutual childhood friends.?GTA V?Vice City Intro (Remastered) ?Rockstar Editor? by LucchiniSWUtilizing the stylized blend of cut out shapes and silhouettes found in the original Vice City introduction, LucchiniSW uses movie magic to transform the shoreline and landscape of Los Santos into prime Florida real estate. Well worth mentioning that this particular rendition of the Vice City opening theme song used in this sequence comes from none other than GTA Fan and YouTube musician extraordinaire SquidPhysics.Also Check Out:GTA V - 1983 by Dolce GTAV ONLINE | WEEKEND by KOKONITOS VIDSThrough a consistently stunning collection of sightly Snapmatics and stylish video presentations, this carefree nod to weekend recreation by Kokonitos captures the elegant lifestyle, vibrant color and simple beauty that has come to define the world of Los Santos. Also Check Out:Belong To The City by PARTYNEXTDOOR - GTA V PC Music Video by King MoozGTA 5 I DriftinG I Cinematic by GTB We've certainly seen some impressive drifting presentations in the past, but Grand Theft Bloody's mastery of the tried-and-true Karin Futo takes it to another level. Along with making the basic smooth drifts seem like child's play, GTB elevates the technique to include deliberate near misses with oncoming traffic while maintaining perfect control, even when launching sideways off elevated surfaces.Also Check Out:Stance Project | " Low as a life " | GTA V Movie by xil06 Share videos you've created in the comments below, or post ones from other creators that you find deserving of recognition. For tips and tricks on the GTAV PC Video Editor, make sure to check out our recent series of Rockstar Editor Tips posts as well as the Tutorial page on Social Club. Previously:Rockstar Editor Fan Vids: Thrilling Remakes, Original Concepts and Beauteous ShowcasesGTAV PC Fan Videos: More Prime Cuts from the Rockstar Editor
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