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Rockstar Game Tips: Adversary Modes incl. Every Bullet Counts, Running Back, Slasher, Relay & Keep the Pace

In this edition of the Rockstar Game Tips series, we show you some of the best tips to dominate your foes in the new Every Bullet Counts and  Running Back Adversary modes, how to get the upper hand in Slasher, and tactics for mastering Relay and Keep the Pace from GTA Online: Lowriders.Keep your back to the wall when reloading the Marksman Pistol in Every Bullet Counts.Every Bullet CountsAs the title makes clear, in Every Bullet Counts there's no room to be wasteful. When you only have one life, one Melee Weapon and a Marksman Pistol with just two bullets, every decision and every shot must be precise and calculated. Take your time with this one, play it slowly and methodically - the hours you've put into stalking during Slasher will come in handy!Remember that standing still for too long will give your position away on the HUD, so this is not the time for a full on stake out. However, if you're smart you can use this feature of Every Bullet Counts to your advantage: try staying still just long enough to lure your enemies in, moving at the last minute to ghost yourself off the radar and turn the tables. Another key feature of the HUD is the height indicator, this will let you know if blipped players are above or below your position. Don't forget that out of sight equals out of mind, so stay out of trouble for the first few minutes and let the others do the dirty work killing each other off or hacking away at each other's Health. By the time you get involved, your full arsenal and full Health will give you the best chance of closing the Round out as the winner. You could even listen out for the number of gunshots going off to perfectly calculate your advantage. If there's more than one other player left when you do eventually go steaming in, don't forget that your Melee Weapon will save your precious bullets for the final showdown.If you do find yourself out of ammo early on, there are pickups dotted around the maps (and you can always loot the bodies of the fallen). Just use caution - the enemy can use that as a trap and while you're busy trying to load up on ammo, they'll be unloading theirs right into you.  If you can't find any and must resort to your Melee Weapon, stick to confined areas to give yourself the best chance of survival.When on Defense, it's a good idea to keep one Defender back to act as a Safety should the Runner break through to the second-level.Running BackIt's time to get out the playbook for one of the more recent additions to the GTA Online Adversary Mode canon: "Running Back". This fast-paced mash-up of Hunting Pack, Cross The Line and Offense Defense, feature a Panto-driving Runner. Aided by a team of Attackers, they must try to dodge their way through a determined line of Defenders and get to the end zone on the other side of the throughway. When on Defense, it's a good idea to keep one Defender back to act as a Safety should the Runner break through to the second-level. Those forming the initial line of attack should work as a unit to cover as many gaps as possible. You could even have all Defenders stay on the goal line, prevent-style. This doesn't give you much room for error, but will give you the most amount of time to coordinate your defense. A good tactic is to try to pin the Runner to the wall and apply the handbrake to ensure they can't move. If you're on Raton Canyon Bridge or La Mesa Bridge, you could even try to force the Runner off the side, out of the field of play, which results in an immediate win for your side. Focusing on the Runner is imperative, try to ignore the offensive Blockers by pressing the focus button (Circle on PS4, B on Xbox One, R on PC) to hone in on your target.The Offensive team need to coordinate together to protect their Runner and create opportunities for them to break through the defensive line. To do so, get your Blockers out in front of the Runner, similar to how a screen pass is setup in football. Make sure you go one to-one against the Defenders - doubling up will leave an extra Defender alone to attack the Runner. With the Runner hanging back slightly, they can wait for a spot to open up. While doing so, the Runner should remain in the center of the field of play - hugging the walls will narrow your chances of escape and increase the likelihood of being pinned. If, as the Runner you do find yourself blocked, don't be afraid to backtrack and find a new line through the defense. Try to mix up your offensive play and surprise your opponents with a new strategy each round, purposefully creating blocking lines to leave a clear path for the Runner. And if you're looking for that authentic in-helmet experience, you can always switch to force the camera lock to First Person Mode.Once three minutes are up and the Hunted become armed, their best chance of winning is to work together to take out the Slasher.SlasherThis hyper-sensory game mode requires concentration, marksmanship and a rigid control of your own fear. Where you lack vision, you'll have to use touch, sound and instincts to ensure survival. Those who are yet to play the mode should know that the Slasher begins each round armed with a Shotgun and has three minutes to dispense with the Flashlight-wielding Hunted as they hide in the gloom and darkness. After three minutes, the game turns on its head as the Hunted also receive Shotguns and the Slasher becomes the prey.As one of the Hunted, embrace the darkness. Rather than overusing the Flashlight and giving your position away, instead try using your Radar to navigate around the map. If you're using a game controllers, you will feel them vibrate with increased intensity and frequency as the Slasher gets closer to your position, so use this to determine whether they are coming towards you or moving away. If you’re going to move from your hiding spot, do so before the vibrations become near-constant or you run the risk of getting caught like a deer in headlights while switching positions. Just remember, all the pressure lies on the Slasher since you and your team all unlock guns eventually - you can always lie in wait rather than run around and risk getting shot. During your unarmed period, it’s recommended that you and your teammates spread out across the map – staying in groups is a high risk strategy, but if you don’t mind serving yourself up on a silver bullet platter, baiting the Slasher can catch them by surprise, and provide the opportune moment for everyone to work together to knock their lights out. Once the three minutes is up and you and your mates become armed, you'll certainly want to stay as close together as possible since two bullets are always better than one. Try using another member of the Hunted as bait – when the Slasher goes after them, you can pop out with a Shotgun blast, effectively turning the Slasher into the Slashee.When you’re the Slasher, the clock is ticking so do whatever you have to do to eliminate your prey in that three minute window. By design, the Hunted can hear everyone including the Slasher, but not the other way around. As the Slasher, try tricking your opponents by telling them to meet you at a certain location, only to ambush them upon their arrival. This tactic is most likely suited for when you play with strangers – your friends are much more likely to call your bluff!  Alternatively, you can make sounds to distract them – which could possibly work with a lobby full of friends as well. This audio trickery is a roll of the dice as they might not buy it at all – but it’s worth a shot. To really startle your opponents, switch from the Shotgun to Machete for a quieter approach - the Hunted are expecting a bullet to the head, not a knife in the back.In Relay, keep an eye on your rear-view to antic*pate your teammate entering the pen.RelayMuch like the track event of the same name, Relay sees you and a teammate tag each other in and out of a Race, lap by lap.Assuming racing skills are equal between the teams, the changeovers will make all the difference in Relay. Once you've completed your lap and entered the pen, reverse your car to the very back of the pen, and swivel your camera around to view the final straight of the lap. From there, simply put pedal to the metal as soon as you see your teammate is approaching the end of their lap. With practice, you'll be able to leave the pen at the exact moment your teammate arrives and you'll be at full speed when you do so. Communication is imperative here - giving your teammate ample warning as you approach the end of your lap will allow them to be better prepared for the switch over. If in doubt, play it safe - if you exit the pen too early you'll have to return before you can start your lap. Just one of these penalties could be the difference between winning and losing. Finally, while waiting in between laps, switching to spectate your teammate can help you learn the course, share tips and understand where the checkpoints around the route are.Use Slipstream in Keep the Pace to keep you up to speed and avoid getting shunted out.Keep the PaceIn "Keep the Pace" the clue is in the title: stay above a minimum speed while navigating, jumps, obstacles and opponents or meet combustible elimination.Since the minimum speed in this mode increases with every lap, you will need to adjust your tactics with each completed circuit. For instance, if you plan on racing dirty and spinning or shunting fellow racers, aim to do so in the first lap which will be more forgiving if your plans backfire. Later on in the race, use jumps to your advantage when shunting others: a small nudge just before their car leaves terra firma will be magnified greatly while in mid-air. More honorable racers shouldn't be afraid to ease off the accelerator in order to put space between them and other racers; don't forget that rounds can end long before the finish line, so play it safe rather than focusing on first place. Your tactics on turns will also need to be revised from traditional thinking: while regular racing rewards sharp turns corner cutting, taking wider turns along the racing line will prevent crashes and oversteers from which you may not have time to recover. Use Slipstreaming judiciously in Keep the Pace; while it can help pull your speed up when you're flagging, it may also push you over the edge just before a tricky turn, with your lowrider's traction unable to cope with your velocity.Have any of your own personal tips that you've found to be successful? Please feel free to do everyone a solid and share them with fellow members of the Social Club community in the comments section below.Previously:Rockstar Game Tips: Adversary Modes Offense Defense, Cross the Line and Hunting Pack
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