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[RSS] Rockstar Game Tips: Pulling Off The Humane Labs Raid
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Rockstar Game Tips: Pulling Off The Humane Labs Raid

Successfully robbing some of the most heavily guarded institutions in Los Santos and Blaine County requires careful planning, meticulous teamwork and a healthy disregard for chances of survival. In this edition of Rockstar Game Tips, we aim to help you increase your odds of pulling off the Humane Labs Raid - which currently awards you double the GTA$ payouts and double the RP all through this weekend.Humane Labs is a secretive research center where, according to Agent 14, nerve agents are being stored under the instruction of the war mongering Don Percival - your crew's job is to get your sticky fingers on them. As is often the case for a mere pawn: "Don't worry about the why; just worry about the how."SETUP COSTSInitial Cost to Heist Leader - $54,000VEHICLES UNLOCKEDHydra VTOLValkyrie chopperInsurgentInsurgent PickupTHE SETUP - COLLECT THE KEY CODESAgent 14 has set up a meeting with a contact just off of Elgin Ave. From there, the contact will hand over the codes and your crew's job is to complete the exchange without any problems. The parking lot where the exchange takes place has three main access points and we recommend covering all three, with your lookout taking up cover by the alleyways to the rear and to the right of the parking lot, while the appointed Buyer and Bodyguard hang around the meeting point in the center to complete the exchange.Be sure to keep weapons holstered before the contact arrives and be careful not to block the entrance - if anything looks amiss the contact will be spooked and the exchange will be compromised. When the FIB arrives, have your Lookouts keep their positions and hold down the alleyways using the Combat MG or Carbine Rifle as they both have a good combination of firing rate, damage, accuracy, and range. The Buyer and Bodyguard should take control of the main gate and focus on not letting the heat spill out into the parking lot. To make quick work of your foes, we recommend whipping out the RPGs and going to town on the FIB Buffalos and Grangers to maximize damage and remove potential enemy cover options. Seeing as the two members on the ground will be taking fire from all sides, it's best to make your escape after the first wave of FIB has been neutralized and leave your other two members to fend for themselves (remember all players MUST leave the meeting area otherwise the Heist will not progress). Collect the briefcase and make your escape to the Planning Room with your newly acquired key codes in tow.THE SETUP - INSURGENTSTake the high ground and flex those sniping muscles.Next, you will need to acquire armored 4x4s. Head over to the Merryweather testing site at Davis Quartz in Blaine County and snatch up the Insurgents. Once you arrive, you have the option of heading in guns blazing from the safety of your Armored Kuruma (if you were savvy enough to choose it as your starting vehicle) or show off your sniping skills and take the high ground in the quarry in order to take out the guards, as the gentlemen from the GTA Series Videos fan channel show us in their play-through clip.Have your best drivers get behind the wheels as the Insurgents can easily topple over, this is especially important for the two crew members in the Insurgent Pick-Up as flipping over could mean the death of the teammate manning the Turret and blowing your chances of completing the Criminal Mastermind Challenge. Your best course of action is to send a Homing Missile the way of the chopper at the beginning to take the sting out of its tail. If you don't happen to have a Missile at your disposal, hop into the Insurgent Pick-Up and use the extremely powerful .50 Caliber Turret mounted to the roof to take out the attacking helicopters. Promptly lead with the Insurgent and have the Insurgent Pick-Up bring up the rear in order to take out incoming enemies with the Turret. While the regular Insurgent isn't armed, its armored shell will allow you to carve a path through the police (and any bystanders). If your team is struggling against enemies as you are heading to the drop off point, driving along the train tracks makes it difficult for Merryweather to catch you. Just watch out for that train!THE SETUP - GET THE EMPThis setup has you heading over to El Burro Heights to load up into the Dinghy and head over to the aircraft carrier where your EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) awaits, strapped to a VTOL aircraft - the Hydra. Once you have boarded the carrier, equip your masks and draw your guns. Here, it’s best for your team to split up into pairs to take on the guards on the left and right side of the interior after you've managed your way up the steps. Be sure to stay in cover as you clear the deck, there's going to be a lot of suppressing fire from enemies as you make your way towards the Hydra. Be careful of the missile racks and other ordnance as they can explode from bullet fire. Using these items for cover is not wiseLazers taking flight to protect their precious cargo.Have your best pilot snatch up the Hydra and the rest of your team should load into one of the P-996 Lazers sitting on deck. Try to keep the Hydra out of harm’s way while the Lazers take care of the pursuant jets - be mindful to not stray too far from the group or you'll fail the mission for being out of the area. The enemy jets are going to be solely preoccupied with targeting the Hydra. As they come up behind their target, raise up on their heels and take them out. Once all flies have successfully been swatted, feel free to fly in formation en route to Sandy Shores Airfield where the Hydra will be stripped of the EMP and sold off to fund the rest of the operation. Remember to switch from flying mode to hovering mode using the right arrow on the D-Pad so as not to crash when you are about to land.THE SETUP - VALKYRIEYour next setup mission takes you to the Port of Los Santos where your crew will infiltrate the Los Santos Naval Port in order to steal the coveted Valkyrie, a military transport helicopter featuring two miniguns on the left and right side as well as an explosive ammo-firing quad-barrel cannon in the co-pilot seat. As Agent 14 mentions, you have a few options when approaching the port. We recommend heading in from both land and sea. Half the team can head in the front and begin to clear the Merryweather guards, this can be done relatively easily from the safety of an Armored Karuma. The other half of your team can track down the Dinghy, located at the docks in Puerto Del Sol Marina, in order to attack Merryweather from the water using Sniper Rifles. Drive the Dinghy over to the ladders on the west side of the port leaving you right by the Valkyrie. If dividing and conquering isn't your thing, then packing your crew into an Armored Kuruma and making your way through the port as a unit is the next best choice - armed with Micro-SMGs to take out Merryweather Security.Infiltrate the Los Santos Naval Port and give Merryweather a run for their money.Once your team is assembled at the helipad, lift off and begin to take out the oncoming Froggers and Buzzard. Remember that the Valkyrie is equipped with three gun placements, use the guns and communicate with your pilot to take out the first batch of helicopters. Once those are done away with, a few more will spawn a bit further away and can be taken out after parking the Valkyrie at the drop zone over in Galilee. Upon landing, equip your Homing Launchers, RPGs, and Sniper Rifles and take out the rest of the enemy aerial units to complete the mission (for a fine demo of this, check out iijerichoii's session.An additional option is to land on top of the Hangar at the Port and let the enemy chopper come to you. While this may be a bit more time consuming, it will ensure that you won't be shot down and will go on to have an extremely smooth ride all the way to your drop zone.THE SETUP - DELIVER EMPYour final setup mission will require you to make your way to the safe house in Galilee to retrieve the Insurgent that has been newly fitted with the EMP. Get your crew packed into the Insurgent and drive over to the Humane Labs so that you can make your move to place your Trojan horse at the rear of the lab without being detected - and under the allotted 10 minute time limit.The best weapon to use for this mission is the suppressed Sniper Rifle. Suppressed weapons are an integral part of this setup since you have to be completely undetectable as you make your way to the bay. After taking out the first 2 guards at the gate, move in but leave one crew member with the Insurgent, this will give you a great vantage point to take out the guard driving the Merryweather Insurgent. Another great approach for taking out the Merryweather Insurgent driver is to enter the gate and stay all the way to the left just past the entry point and snipe the driver before he gets too close. Coordinate with your team to take the rest of the guards and scientists out in pairs; counting down your shots is extremely helpful as our friends at Funhaus have shown. Be mindful of their line of sight as the spotting of a dead body will cue the alarm to go off. You have a brief moment to neutralize a guard that has spotted you before the alarm goes off. Acting quickly with Silenced/Suppressed weapons is strongly advised.Stealthily infiltrate the Humane Labs with your team and take out security before they spot you.As you clear the way, have one of your teammates continue to move the Insurgent up so as not to waste precious time. Once all adversaries have been dealt with bring the Insurgent up and to the rear of the lab. Have one of your crew members hack and open the garage so you can place your Insurgent inside and quickly make your escape using a nearby Humane Labs Boxville truck.FINALEAll the prep work is finally done, and you are so close you can practically smell the cash - there's just one hurdle left between you and the big bucks. You must now infiltrate and retrieve the computer files from the depths of the Humane Labs. Pick up your Valkyrie with your Heist team and head high above the lab. It’s best to have the assigned Gunner in the copilot seat so they will be able to use the explosive cannon during the entire mission. If the Gunner ends up at one of the minigun stations, not to worry - they can press right on the D-Pad to switch between the right and left minigun. Once at the drop point, the ground team will parachute down whilst the lights are taken out by your strategically placed EMP. If you're going for the Elite Challenge, and are looking to save time on your descent, hold off on deploying your parachute for as long as you can - don't open up too late though!While the ground team clears their way through the lab, the Gunner and Pilot will hold their position above the lab to stop the ground team from getting overloaded by enemy forces. Communicate with your partner both on the ground and in the air in order to effectively execute your respective jobs. For the ground team, it will be covering each other when taking fire as well as planned breaks to replenish your armor and health (to use your spare Armor and Snacks, hold down your platform's Select button to access your Inventory). For the air team, it’s letting the pilot know which direction would be most helpful to land the best shot. Buzzards are top priority to take down for the Valkyrie team – their rockets will do the most damage to you, rather than the guns from enemies below. Ensure that Pilot and Gunner are communicating so that the Gunner has enough altitude to make the shots against them.Night Vision goggles will allow you to see once the EMP has been activated.Once reaching the beach, the ground team will send out a Flare to signal the air team for extraction. Get everyone loaded into the Valkyrie and prepare to take off again. Be extra cautious with the landing, even skipping the Valkyrie across the surface of the sea can cause you to fail the mission. There will have to be some fancy flying done by the pilot in order to dodge incoming missiles while the gunners take out the Buzzards. Luckily for the pilot, the Valkyrie is extremely maneuverable and has the ability to make quick turns which helps with weaving to avoid incoming attacks. Once the enemy helicopters are taken down, it's off to the meeting place to hand over the computer files to your contact (Karen) and end the Heist with a bang.In order to achieve the Elite Challenge for this Heist you must accomplish the following objectives to receive a cool GTA$100K bonus (which will be doubled this week):Complete in under 11:00 minutesVehicle damage under 2%Nobody gets wastedIf you have your own time-tested Humane Labs Heist tips, feel free to share them below for the benefit of others in the Social Club community. And if you're looking for keen players to complete this Heist with and score the bonus GTA$ payouts and RP this weekend, you can also use the comments section to canvas for partners in crime. Look out for more GTA Online Heist game tips coming soon here at the Newswire.Previously:2X GTA$ & RP All Week for the Humane Labs Raid: July 20th - July 26thSetting Up For GTA Online Heists
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