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[RSS] Rockstar Throwback: DEGENATRON! (Vice City)
« dnia: Czwartek, 29 Listopad 2012, 19:07:39 »
Rockstar Throwback: DEGENATRON! (Vice City)

Remember back in the day, rocking out to power ballads on Emotion 98.3 while busting your thumbs trying to beat your top score on Defender of the Faith on the Degenatron?Man, those were the days...Now, thanks to the good people at The Degenatron WebRing (now over 10 years strong!) and their new embeddable version emulator above, you can relive these 3 classics from video gaming's golden age.Defender of the Faith - "Save the green dots with your fantastic red square!"Monkey's Paradise - "Swing from green dot to green dot with your red square monkey!"Penetrator - "Smash the green dots deep inside the mysterious red square!"See if you've still got what it takes. Shout in comments to let us know your top score. You can also trip down memory lane with the original 1986 Degenatron radio commercial below or over at The Advertising Council's Vice City local archives. 
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