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[RSS] Snapmatic Photo Contest: #EpicPhotobomb Winners
« dnia: Wtorek, 19 Listopad 2013, 17:14:56 »
Snapmatic Photo Contest: #EpicPhotobomb Winners

Bombs away! The results are in. After an epic week of poring through shots of fortuitously-timed leering pedestrians, gravity-defying cars 'spoiling' Crew family photos, and deliciously disrupted Trevor selfies, we've narrowed down our five favorite #epicphotobomb snapshot winners of our very first Social Club Snapmatic Photo Contest. Congrats to each of the winning lensmen and women who will be receiving a Grand Theft Auto V prize pack - and stay tuned for our next Snapmatic photo contest, which we'll be announcing here at the Newswire soon.Ophabyous: Not only is this one humorously unsettling and true to the classic over-the-shoulder 'I'm in your photos, spoiling your moments' photobomb form - but we've got a double-whammy on our hands with the creepy squatting mannequin in the background. Whoa!bigdog0925: All in a day's work. Some real Manhunt-style body count humblebragging going on there.snapjaw420: Great shot. A literally epic photo bomb counting down.Ivinzi: Awesome composition, lovely color, and the coup de grâce: a perfectly timed aerial from a sky riding motorcyclist. Errrkshady: These HVY Dozers appear to be the proud new parents of a Stanley Fieldmaster in this elaborately posed set-up backgrounding an otherwise straightforward GTA Online selfie. Honorable mentions: VideoGameRobert: Trevor at moonlight with his new pal - the call of the wild. Dmikel: Between his ear taking a selfie (what!) and the surprise guest outside his window, this photobomb is anything but plane. The Zucker Brothers would be proud.Rubio_Fjs: Not sure if that sedan is performing an insane stunt jump or coming to the rescue but it looks awesome.Submission Consideration: Day and night, we welcome you to submit all related Los Santos and Blaine County images to the contest, please be aware that lighting and overall picture quality is something we also factor in when deciding on our winners so try and go for the best shot available. Clever presentation, visibility and timing is everything. Congrats again to the winners and stay tuned for our next Photo Contest coming soon.
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