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[RSS] The GTA Online Community Hits the Road with Bikers
« dnia: Środa, 12 Październik 2016, 04:41:18 »
The GTA Online Community Hits the Road with Bikers

The streets of Los Santos are swarming with some of the baddest Motorcycle Clubs and independent riders you’ve ever seen and as proof, we’ve gathered some of the best videos, GIFs and Snapmatics from members of the GTA Online community.Zadrium and other members of the prolific REBL Crew got right to test driving some of the vehicles, weapons and businesses from the new update. Similar to his work on the Western-themed Ricochet that we featured in August, Zadrium perfectly captures the tone and feel of what it means to be an outlaw.Only able to sit idle around their Clubhouse for so long, members of Western Brothers MC take their bikes for a twilight ride. Watch for a solid melee attack at the end, causing a rival member of The Lost to eat dirt.There's no better way to spend your day off than racing through traffic on two wheels. DeejayJeanP of Logic Films suits up and puts the new Shitzu Hakuchou Drag bike through its paces across the sunny streets of Los Santos.  This new grenade launcher is a handy little gun.A "biker" in his own right, Redditor AllUpNSmoke demonstrates what a capable little killing machine the new Compact Grenade Launcher can be in this GIF. With a bank shot even Michael Jordan and Larry Bird would be envious of, AllUpNSmoke takes it from behind cover and off the wall for nothing but death.  Even those with the roughest of edges can't be hardcore all of the time. From the throne of his Faggio Mod, Vine's Koopapoopascoopa proves that under all that macho posturing is just a man in heart-emblazoned boxers.Biker Melee Duel w/ estrangedhd #GTAV #PC #Bikers #SnapmaticArt @RockstarGames— Alex (@iAlexBullet) October 5, 2016 May the best man live. Snapmatic veteran AlexSniperBullet and estrangedhd demonstrate one way to settle beef on the muddied up trails of Southern San Andreas.Wrooom! Pew-Pew! #GTAOnline— Freddy Los Santos (@FreddyLosSantos) October 4, 2016Poppin' fools and wheelies simultaneously, FreddyLosSANTOS shows off the new Nagasaki Chimera and Sweeper Shotgun.After hosting the Mac Miller livestream last month, Kevin LaSean (aka XpertThief) stuck around Rockstar HQ long enough to get a sneak peek at GTA Online: Bikers. Watch as he and realrosesarered get a taste of that biker life.#GTAOnline Bikers DLC Live Stream (with @Gtamen)— GTA Series Videos (@GTASeries) October 4, 2016They've got legs. It didn’t take long for the gang at GTASeriesVideos to put this little dance number together, demonstrating kicks worthy of any Rockette.Loving this #BikersDLC— Sariska (@Sistoska) October 4, 2016She's got the looks that kill. Don’t be fooled by the fishnets and mascara, Snapographer Sariska will make roadkill out of you. Papa Wolf reborn! Thank you @rockstargames Thank you! #gtamccommunity #gtabikers #gta #gta5online #banishedbreedmc #rockstargames #videogames #xboxone #gta5 #bikersunite #bikerdlcA photo posted by Earl P. Wolf (@impapawolf) on Oct 4, 2016 at 4:44am PDTImPapaWolf has seen some things. This is one grandpa you don’t want to cross. #RGIndonesia #GTA5indo @rockstargames . tendangan si madun. #GTA #rockstareditor #rockstar #gamerindo #gamerindonesia #crew #gtaonline #gta5online #gtavonline #GTA5 #gtav #pc #ps4 #steam #bike #game #gaming #motorcycleA photo posted by Gallery | R Gamer Indonesia (@rgamerofficial) on Oct 4, 2016 at 9:29am PDTKeep in your lane. rgamer official isn’t the most welcoming biker in Los Santos and proves as much by holding ground with a melee kick.checking out the new #BikerDLC with @Wendy_Rich_UK...#GTAV GTAOnline#iGTA #intoLS #AsylumMC @RockstarGames— aDaM (@CaPn_bOnEs) October 4, 2016CaPn_bOnEs takes a break from cracking skulls to bask in the glow.Have any excellent GTA Online: Bikers content you'd like to share with us?  Be sure to hit us up via Mouthoff or share them in the comments below. Previously:Cunning Stunts Come Alive: Incredible Saves, Vehicle Showcases & More From the GTA Online CommunityCunning Stunts: Choice GIFs, Videos and More
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