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This Week: Load Up on 2X RP & GTA$ Payouts in Series A Funding (July 27th - August 2nd)

Now that you've plundered Humane Labs and sprung Rashkovsky from Bolingbroke, it's time to revisit an old friend and reap double the GTA$ & RP rewards for doing so. Over the next seven days (July 27th - August 2nd), you'll receive 2X GTA$ and RP for each of the Set-Up Missions and the Finale in the Series A Funding GTA Online Heist.If you're already familiar with helping to get TPI's stake in the lucrative Los Santos narcotics industry off the ground, then now's the perfect time to take on the Elite Challenges in the Heist Finale for which you'll also be doubling up the GTA$ rewards:Complete in under 6:30Kill 75 enemiesNobody gets wastedFor those new to GTA Online (or looking to rank up their second characters to the requisite Rank 12), we're also pumping up the RP bonus on select GTA Online activities. Moreover, these will also help increase your character's Skills - which should come in handy when undertaking Heists. Bonus Double RP activities this week include:Gang AttacksMission: Out of HarmonyMissions: Deliver a Package BonusDeathmatch: All KillsDeathmatch: 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place finishesDeathmatch: 3, 6 and 10 KillsDeathmatch: Power Player, Kill When Close to DeathVehicle Deathmatch: Kill Power PlayerSurvival: Wave ReachedCapture: RP Rewards for Collecting Mission PackageAnd lookout for bonus temporary mark downs on GTA Online gear and vehicles throughout the week, which will be announced via our official Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.Previously:2X GTA$ & RP All Week for the Humane Labs RaidGTA Online Prison Break Heist: Double Score Weekend
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