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[RSS] Vice City Crime Tree Desktop + Unreleased Classic Character Art
« dnia: Środa, 2 Styczeń 2013, 17:04:11 »
Vice City Crime Tree Desktop + Unreleased Classic Character Art

Rounding out our collection of Vice City digital wallpapers, backgrounds, Facebook covers, buddy icons and avatars - we've created a desktop-ready version of the classic Vice City Bureau of Investigations crime tree from the original Grand Theft Auto: Vice City website. So pin that one to your monitor, fill the loafers of VCBI Agents Bruce and Bob, and eagle-eye the relationships between the dodgy characters of VC's criminal ecosystem - from powerful kingpins like Sonny Forelli and Colonel Cortez on down to dregs like 'expert' safecracker Cam Jones and chef Leo Teal.Additionally, we've dug into the crates a bit and created nice hi-res desktops of all the other character art that was never officially released in the Vice City collection. That's Avery Carrington, Cam Jones, Candy Suxx, Colonel Cortez, Gonzales, Hilary King, Old Man Earnest Kelly, Kent Paul, Steve Scott, Tommy Vercetti, Umberto Robina - AND, all of the radio DJ character art: Adam First, Pepe, Fernando Martinez, Oliver 'Ladykiller' Biscuit, Mr. Magic, Toni, and Lazlow.Grab these and more over at the Vice City collection of Wallpapers, Icons, and Avatars.Previously:New Vice City Anniversary Artwork Added to Rockstar Downloads
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