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Rockstar Fansites Round*p: GTAV Art in Motion, Post-Trailer Fun, Vice City Pin-Up Girls and More

Since last month's release of the second Grand Theft Auto V trailer, we've seen all sorts of fun original creations, analysis and other GTA-inspired madness popping up on the web and reliably featured by the faithful ring of dedicated fansites out there. Here's a round*p of just a few goodies worth checking out... The same day as the Official Trailer that Wednesday the 14th, quite talented fan artist Ferino Design from deviantART posted the above impressive motion graphics piece, "Grand Theft Auto V: Art in Motion" - which takes an assortment of GTAV illustrations and brings them to life over a nice vibey dusted out mélange of Gil Scott Heron and Ghostface Killah. Can't argue with that. Kudos to Ferino and special shout to the folks at GTAGaming for being amongst the first to bring it to our attention. A loyal attendee of our Social Club multiplayer events and longtime fansite community member, GermanScientist of created this sweet gallery of animated GIFs culling fan-favorite moments from Trailer 2. You can dial through them all at to grab clips perfectly suited for Tumblr or forum use including such shots as the Three Wise Monkeys sequence, a slo-mo rendering of Trevor's brush on the railways, and the airborne bailout over Los Santos.Via, Grand Theft Auto V at the top, and 2004's GTA: San Andreas at the bottom.Polish fansite recently showcased a fairly comprehensive comparison gallery of Los Santos pitting the city as it appeared in 2004's Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas against screenshots from Grand Theft Auto V that originally appeared on GTAForums. Strong work rounding up such spot on compositions in San Andreas. Have a look at the entire gallery at Your reactions, commentary, analysis and speculation in the wake of Trailer 2 kicked off within moments of its release and are still ongoing whether on YouTube, here at the Newswire, or at fan forums around the web. Massive, massive thanks to GTA fans everywhere for the love you've shown for the trailer and for the awesome excitement and antic*pation you've shown for the game this spring - believe that we're just as excited to get GTAV in your hands. Stay tuned for lots more to see and hear about the game in the new year, but of course also expect that as always we'll be keeping a good bit of info back as things for you to discover for yourself by experiencing them firsthand when GTAV comes out. In the meantime, here's some speculative fan recaps and analysis posts you can dive into at Rockstar Network, GTA Warehouse, the ongoing 'Mapping Los Santos' project at GTAForums and in polish at Feel free to share other cool ones in comments below.Toronto's Brandon Arseneault recreated two of Vice City's most iconic ladies with a provocative pin-up girl twist.Brandon Arseneault on deviantART recently painted these striking homages to the ladies of Vice City below - namely the iconic Martini Girl complete with brilliant diamond shaped earrings and pink bikini, and adult film superstar Candy Suxxx in her signature patriotic swimwear - giving the original character concepts a provocative pin up girl twist.Ubiquitious Social Club member and avid YouTube broadcaster GTALAD4EVA aka Lewis recently put together a sweetly sentimental tribute to GTAIV that he calls Grand Theft Auto IV -  Goodbye Liberty City (Get Ready for GTA V). Nice one, Lewis - although of course there's still much action still to be had in the streets of Liberty. This one caught our eye a couple weeks back on YouTube. An impressively made live-action GTA fan film from director Gevorg Karensky."Grand Theft Auto: RISE is about the birth of an underground hero. He is not the hero that we are used to seeing. He is submerged in his own internal darkness. He is a protagonist. People will fall, things will break, he will be left standing alone in a tunnel with no light at the end.This is a different take on the live action version of the world famous Grand Theft Auto IV."There's also a short 'making of' video showing some behind the scenes footage of how it all came together, and another clip posted showing a glimpse of the visual effects trickery used in post-production. Cheers once again to GTAGaming for being amongst the first to send it our way.Last but not least, and also in the vein of the throwback GTA comparison shot gallery mentioned above, this clever fan-created video above is an attempt at recreating GTAV Trailer 2 shot-for-shot using mimicked footage taken from Grand Theft Auto IV in Liberty City. Amazingly, the clip was completed in just three days, having been uploaded on November 17th. A shout to Social Club members d10nislaw, phaedra90731, KillerAssassin16, RamzHBK and zigeclolek - just a few of the fans who shared it here in the Trailer 2 Newswire comments.Thanks once again to the entire GTA fan community for your amazing support and excitement. Stay tuned for more and of course if you've seen something great at the fansites or around the community worth sharing, or if you've created something you'd like to let us know about, we'd love to check it out - just drop us a line at
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