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[RSS] Crew Noticeboard: Women With Weapons, Vintage Customs & more
« dnia: Piątek, 8 Kwiecień 2016, 17:35:35 »
Crew Noticeboard: Women With Weapons, Vintage Customs & more

The Crew Noticeboard is our featured column of Crews actively recruiting new members to join their ranks. We publish Crew recruitment pitches in their own words so that you know exactly what they're all about.This edition of the Crew Noticeboard includes pitches from a Crew with very specific vehicle requirements, a Lowrider club in search of avid new members and an established Crew with plenty of challenges to offer amongst others.  Searching for like-minded car aficionados are Vintage Customs, a PS4 Crew with specific tastes and vehicle requirements. Summing up their particular preferences and flair is the stylish short recruitment video below, created by Crew Leader MLTN88. Those hankering to lavish time and attention on similar car meets and cruises might want to consider joining such a Crew."We're looking for people with good taste in cars; we don't want any ridiculous chrome Super cars with white walls and $ sign rims. We do car meets, cruises, Races, drifts, drag racing, videos etc."      Vintage Customs  Xbox One and PS4 Crew DAMNED NATiON are looking to bulk up their numbers with fresh blood. Established in 2013 and with current members across the UK, EU, America and Canada, the Crew like to keep busy and productive. Those keen to join, check out their active and extensive website. With ongoing events, challenges and Playlists regularly available, this is a hard-working Crew, looking for equally dedicated players.     "DAMNED NATiON evolved from a gaming Crew established back in 2013. We are an adult, fun, friendly and sociable gaming Crew and community and we welcome all like-minded members. Whatever your background, language, culture or gaming experience, we look forward to welcoming new members & our guests and joining them in GTA Online."     DAMNED NATiON SeaWolff and her group of femme fatales are on the hunt for some new recruits to join their women-only Crew. Their Crew calendar is packed with themed nights, car shows and meetups, so if you're looking for a casual Crew that "just wanna have fun", then this group of gals may be for you; check out their website for more information."Women with Weapons (WOWW) is a Crew for women who enjoy playing all that GTA Online has to offer. This Crew is for women who play regularly and want to be a part of an active Crew. K/D ratio or any other stats don’t matter just as long as you are a team player, willing to help your Crewmates, have fun, and be active in the Crew. Check out the website at to see if this is the Crew for you.Motto:  Grab your guns's killin' time!" Women with Weapons Out there "bumper scrappin' and draggin' through the streets of Davis" and on the lookout for fellow Lowrider devotees are the Lowlife-Davis Crew. If you're all about the Hydraulics, custom decals and paint jobs, then this Lowrider's club could well be for you."We are always looking for new members and mature members who share a passion for real Lowriding and making grimy hood films" LOWLIFE-DAVIS Those seeking a tight MC family might want to consider the Bl00d Brothers. Currently corralling for Crew members for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One on the mean streets of Los Santos and Blaine County, this MC Crew are keen to recruit those who rank familial loyalty and support as top Crew qualities."It all started in November of 2015 when a group of close friends who had been riding together decided to form a motorcycle club that had the vision that they all shared. A family of Brother/Sister bikers that no matter what it was they would be there for each other. This vision still stands today..." Bl00d Brothers MCOf course, if you're already part of a Crew on the lookout for some fresh faces, drop a link in the comments below along with your pitch. Alternatively you can hit us up at and let us know why we should feature your Crew on a future edition of the Crew Noticeboard.Previously:Crew Noticeboard: The Black Wasps, Academi Security LLC, Brothers of X and MoreCrew Cut: A Look Back at 2015's Top PerformersCrew Noticeboard: Russault Motorsports, Project Annihilation, 32 Kings Jet Crew & More
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