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New ?Inch By Inch? Mode & Vapid Minivan Coming April 12th + Double GTA$ & RP Playlists of Adversary Modes All This Week

NEW INCH BY INCH ADVERSARY MODE COMING NEXT WEEK TUES APRIL 12Prepare to fight tooth and nail for every scrap of progress in Inch By Inch - a new GTA Online Adversary Mode launching this coming Tuesday April 12th, that sees you competing for possession of a Package and clawing your way through a hail of bullets to reach your team's end zone. After each score, the action immediately resets - ensuring a frenetic and desperate battle of wits and skill. The player carrying the package cannot use their weapons, so tenacity and teamwork are required to advance towards the goal line. A burst of speed will help them make some ground, but only a constant barrage of support from their back-up will ensure their hard earned point.EVENT BONUSESIn honor of the upcoming Inch by Inch Adversary Mode release, starting today we are offering double GTA$ & RP on a rotating Playlist of Adversary Modes that lasts all week long, which will include Inch By Inch when it launches on Tuesday. Once you've topped up your Maze bank account from the Playlist, head over to Ammu-Nation to take advantage of discounts on a range of weapons and maybe even pick up a few of the ones you've just unlocked with your Double RP earnings. Read on below for more details.DOUBLE GTA$ & RP PLAYLISTSAll this week, there will be a Double GTA$ & RP Adversary Mode Playlist ready to be fired off live and direct from the GTAV launch screens. The Playlists will be switched up with different Adversary Modes throughout the week, finishing up with a Double GTA$ & RP Playlist filled with the new mode Inch by Inch. Take a note of the schedule below, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram for regular Playlist schedule updates all week.Friday April 8th through Saturday April 9th - Adversary Modes 1Sunday April 10th through Monday April 11th - Adversary Modes 2Tuesday April 12th through Thursday April 14th - Inch by Inch 1Note that if you want to replay any of these Playlists for additional Double GTA$ & RP, you don't need to relaunch the game! You can relaunch them any time via the Rockstar Playlists section of the GTA Online pause menu.DISCOUNTS AT AMMU-NATIONGet geared up with an Ammu-Nation blow out sale on select weaponry and Armor now through Thursday April 14th, all as part of this week's in-game bonuses. Discounts run all week and are as follows:Sniper Rifles – 25%Sniper Rifle Attachments – 50%Shotguns – 40%Shotgun Attachments – 30%Body Armor – 50%VAPID MINIVAN COMING TO BENNY’S APRIL 12THOn the heels of the Declasse Tornado arriving this week at Benny’s, look for another addition to his inventory this coming Tuesday - the Vapid Minivan for stylish squad transport, as pictured above. Previously:GTA Online Tornado Week
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