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Tytuł: [RSS] Crew Noticeboard: Leave N0 Trace, The Skeleton Crew MC, Off The Muscle Inc and More
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Crew Noticeboard: Leave N0 Trace, The Skeleton Crew MC, Off The Muscle Inc and More

The Crew Noticeboard is our featured column of Crews actively recruiting new members to join their ranks. We publish Crew recruitment pitches in their own words so that you know exactly what they're all about.This edition of the Crew Noticeboard features pitches from a group who pride themselves on completing Heists, a Crew just waiting to show off their latest rides and an MC looking to increase their influence around Southern San Andreas.The Leave N0 Trace Crew specialize in completing Heists with precision and poise. Above all else, these honorable thieves value communication and thus require that every member be equipped with a microphone. This Crew prides themselves on being experts when it comes to completing the Criminal Mastermind Challenge and will help new recruits complete it as well. Take a look at their forums for more details, and definitely check out the PSA from the "Department Of Thieves" below for a great example of this Crew's creativity and style."Hey guys! We are a 350+ microphone-only Crew who have been playing together on the daily. We have a lot of fun running Jobs and Heists together and we'd love to meet more people. We have microphones to help coordinate all setups and finales. If anyone who wants to join on PS4 would be able to join TeamSpeak please do so, this is not required though. We usually have 4 players in GTA V throughout the day so it should not be hard to accomplish the Heist of your choice. We have both European and North American players so it shouldn't be too difficult to find a time to play with us."    Leave N0 Trace There's no prizes for guessing where this Crew and their leader, BRAV0_TWO_ZER0, got their inspiration from. These guys are all about showing off their latest custom rides fresh off of Benny's lot and are looking for more recruits to ride with. Keep an eye out on the feed on their Crew page to check for regular weekend events."Benny's Customs is a custom car Crew. We welcome anything (even if it isn't currently available from the Benny's website). Meets are a thing in this Crew. We hope to make more videos and maybe even showcase members' creations."    Benny's Customs Though new to the world of GTA Online, The Skeleton Crew MC are looking for new prospects to join their expanding Crew. New blood isn't the only thing this MC is looking for, they are also on the hunt for other MCs to ally with and broaden their influence on the streets, check out their list of allies & enemies on their website for more information where you'll also find out how you can join."President Sleazybones has always been torn between riding all American choppers and imported sports bikes. Knowing many riders who have the same problem he spawned The Skeleton Crew MC. A hybrid MC that accepts anyone who rides as long as they can hold their own. The club decided to wear Nomads on their rocker to symbolize the freedom to ride the roads where ever they may please. If you wish to be free and ride whatever you wish but still be part of a 1% MC please feel free to apply and join the brotherhood!&
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