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Dyskusja ogólna na temat GTA V / Zablokowane konto ???
« Ostatnia wiadomość wysłana przez cherry dnia Piątek, 24 Luty 2017, 23:36:59 »
Czesc. Chcialem zaprosic kolege ktory ma 4 lvl w GTA 5 Online i gdy go zapraszam do napadów, serii adwersarza czy innych akcji czy misji to pisze ze jest zablokowany :/
Nie wiem co to moze byc.
Dyskusja ogólna / hellspeak.pl - Najlepszy serwer TS3 w Polsce
« Ostatnia wiadomość wysłana przez RockyV12 dnia Sobota, 28 Styczeń 2017, 15:00:36 »
HellSpeak jest nowym projektem. Głownym jego założeniem jest stworzenie
dużej społeczności jak i świadczenie użytkownikom jak najlepszej jakości
usług jakie na tą chwile jesteśmy w stanie zaoferować.


- Niskie pingi
- Lokalizacja Polska
- Licencja (License Hosting Provider)
- Dostępność 24/7
- 3 strefy kanałowe (prywatna,vip,premium)
- Duży wybór rang
- Strefa muzyczna
- Strefa eventowa
- Kanały publiczne
- Boty muzyczne
- Boty automatyczne
- I wiele wiele innych

✖ IP: HellSpeak.PL
✖ Ilość slotów: 250 (możliwość powiększenia)
✖ Licencja - License Hosting Provider
✖ Kanały Premium (darmowe) od 20 użytkowników aktywnych na kanale
✖ Kanały VIP (darmowe) od 10 użytkowników aktywnych na kanale

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Dyskusja ogólna / PRZEKAZY Z NIEBA www.rozwojduchowy.cba.pl/forum
« Ostatnia wiadomość wysłana przez poszukujacyprawdy dnia Sobota, 26 Listopad 2016, 18:31:32 »
najlepsza duchowość
Dyskusja ogólna na temat GTA V / Money Lobby w GTA Online
« Ostatnia wiadomość wysłana przez SydPec12 dnia Wtorek, 22 Listopad 2016, 12:23:37 »
Czy ktoś z Was korzystał z Money Lobby na gtaforum.pl? Za 5 euro sypią 100 MLN na głowę przez 3 dni.
Prosto z RockstarGames.com / [RSS] Rat Rod Now Available in GTA Online Plus New "City Air" Premium Race
« Ostatnia wiadomość wysłana przez Bot GTAV.net.pl dnia Wtorek, 8 Listopad 2016, 16:02:47 »
Rat Rod Now Available in GTA Online Plus New "City Air" Premium Race

OUT NOW: DECLASSE TORNADO RAT RODMaking its way to GTA Online today is the Declasse Tornado Rat Rod, now available for purchase from Southern San Andreas Super Autos. The latest vehicle from GTA Online: Bikers, the Rat Rod channels the spirit of Declasse's hot rod designs into a gritty chariot of fire, built to set the streets of Los Santos ablaze. Fans have already wasted no time in capturing the rough and tumble essence of this hunk of muscle in the wild. Check out just a few standouts:— Lucky (@Lucky_Luc1an0) November 1, 2016 A photo posted by ???? (@mr_macers) on Nov 1, 2016 at 4:18am PDT PREMIUM RACE: CITY AIR (NOV. 1ST - 7TH)And check out this week’s Premium Stunt Race “City Air” - a turbo-charged adrenaline rush high above Downtown Los Santos. Strap into your Sports class vehicle of choice and receive Triple RP for competing, as well as a sizeable GTA$ payout for finishing in the top 3. Available today through Monday, November 7th.GTA ONLINE THREE YEAR CELEBRATION REMINDER: 30% OFF SELECT ITEMS UNTIL NOV. 7THThe GTA Online anniversary sale is still ongoing. Log in and take advantage of 30% off a wide variety of vehicles, weapons, and more from three years of GTA Online content. In addition, it's not too late to grab the Halloween-themed Twilight Knife and Butchery and Other Hobbies in-game T-Shirts. Simply jump into GTA Online by November 7th and claim yours.Previously:Halloween in GTA Online: New Sanctus Motorcycle, T-Shirt Unlocks, Lost vs Damned Adversary Mode & MoreGTA Online: Halloween Specials, New Vehicles, Anniversary GTA$ Bonus & More
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Prosto z RockstarGames.com / [RSS] Crew Noticeboard: Leave N0 Trace, The Skeleton Crew MC, Off The Muscle Inc and More
« Ostatnia wiadomość wysłana przez Bot GTAV.net.pl dnia Czwartek, 3 Listopad 2016, 16:16:03 »
Crew Noticeboard: Leave N0 Trace, The Skeleton Crew MC, Off The Muscle Inc and More

The Crew Noticeboard is our featured column of Crews actively recruiting new members to join their ranks. We publish Crew recruitment pitches in their own words so that you know exactly what they're all about.This edition of the Crew Noticeboard features pitches from a group who pride themselves on completing Heists, a Crew just waiting to show off their latest rides and an MC looking to increase their influence around Southern San Andreas.The Leave N0 Trace Crew specialize in completing Heists with precision and poise. Above all else, these honorable thieves value communication and thus require that every member be equipped with a microphone. This Crew prides themselves on being experts when it comes to completing the Criminal Mastermind Challenge and will help new recruits complete it as well. Take a look at their forums for more details, and definitely check out the PSA from the "Department Of Thieves" below for a great example of this Crew's creativity and style."Hey guys! We are a 350+ microphone-only Crew who have been playing together on the daily. We have a lot of fun running Jobs and Heists together and we'd love to meet more people. We have microphones to help coordinate all setups and finales. If anyone who wants to join on PS4 would be able to join TeamSpeak please do so, this is not required though. We usually have 4 players in GTA V throughout the day so it should not be hard to accomplish the Heist of your choice. We have both European and North American players so it shouldn't be too difficult to find a time to play with us."    Leave N0 Trace There's no prizes for guessing where this Crew and their leader, BRAV0_TWO_ZER0, got their inspiration from. These guys are all about showing off their latest custom rides fresh off of Benny's lot and are looking for more recruits to ride with. Keep an eye out on the feed on their Crew page to check for regular weekend events."Benny's Customs is a custom car Crew. We welcome anything (even if it isn't currently available from the Benny's website). Meets are a thing in this Crew. We hope to make more videos and maybe even showcase members' creations."    Benny's Customs Though new to the world of GTA Online, The Skeleton Crew MC are looking for new prospects to join their expanding Crew. New blood isn't the only thing this MC is looking for, they are also on the hunt for other MCs to ally with and broaden their influence on the streets, check out their list of allies & enemies on their website for more information where you'll also find out how you can join."President Sleazybones has always been torn between riding all American choppers and imported sports bikes. Knowing many riders who have the same problem he spawned The Skeleton Crew MC. A hybrid MC that accepts anyone who rides as long as they can hold their own. The club decided to wear Nomads on their rocker to symbolize the freedom to ride the roads where ever they may please. If you wish to be free and ride whatever you wish but still be part of a 1% MC please feel free to apply and join the brotherhood!&
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Prosto z RockstarGames.com / [RSS] GTA Online Game Tips: Beast vs Slasher and More
« Ostatnia wiadomość wysłana przez Bot GTAV.net.pl dnia Wtorek, 1 Listopad 2016, 15:48:17 »
GTA Online Game Tips: Beast vs Slasher and More

Jump in to GTA Online today for a special Halloween day Double GTA$ & RP Playlist of horror themed modes: Slasher, Beast vs. Slasher and Come Out to Play.To help you get the most out of dominating that Playlist, check out some Beast vs. Slasher tips below (along with tips for two other oft-requested modes) and you can also catch up on game tips in previous articles for Slasher and Come Out to Play here at the Newswire. Beast vs. SlasherAs the Slasher, use Thermal Vision to antic*pate the Beast's movements between buildings.Beast vs. Slasher sees a team of superhuman Beasts with domineering speed, outstanding jumping abilities and even temporary invisibility try to capture 15 Checkpoints before they can be taken down by a gang of Slashers eager for their capture. The Slashers are split into three teams: Heavy, Demolition and Assault. Those on the Heavy team have an abundance of Minigun ammo which can be used to cut off the Beasts’ escape routes, allowing those in the team with less ammo to make more accurate shots. Be careful though, the Minigun ammo doesn’t restock after death! Coordinate with your team to use specialist weapons - like the Railgun - to stun the Beasts, and weapons like the Combat MG to quickly deal damage. You can regularly check for nearby Beasts using Thermal Vision (right on the d-pad), which can help you to quickly identify enemy Beasts in the immediate vicinity. Also, be sure to keep one eye on the Radar as the Beast becomes blipped whenever a Checkpoint is collected.As a Beast you will certainly be powerful but that doesn’t give you a license to be careless. When you become low on Health you won’t be able to Super Jump or become invisible, so always be sure to heal up when injured. You’ll regain up to 75% health when standing still so making a mad dash for a Health pack may not be your best choice if a better hiding spot presents itself. It's best to strategically decide on which Checkpoints to collect first. Collecting the more exposed Checkpoints initially may open you up to taking damage but will benefit your team in the long run. Use invisibility to get yourself out of a tight spot, but remember, it won’t hide you from Thermal Vision! Till Death Do Us PartA couple that plays together, stays together - remain close to your partner to regenerate health faster.In Till Death Do Us Part, you and your partner will be up against as many as three other couples in the ultimate group date from hell – where each pair is trying to knock off the others and there’s only one life to live between the two of you.Just as with any aspect of a relationship, you'll want to work together as a team - pay attention to the needs of your better half as much as your own and communicate effectively. Be mindful of what your partner is doing rather than just acting alone - work on a plan of attack together. Don't completely abandon your partner out there as your lives are in each other's hands. In fact, remaining close to your partner will regenerate Health for you both. In some cases, it might be worth considering separating (as difficult as that may be) as a way to outflank your target. Sure, you will lose your regen bonus but while the enemy is distracted fighting off your partner, they may never see your attack coming. But don't stray too far as you don't have to die to seal your partner's fate - remember, defending your partner is just as important as defending yourself. Weapon pickups can offer a much needed advantage over your adversaries so keep an eye on the Radar for what's available (but be careful, as going for an exposed Weapon leaves you vulnerable). Speaking of which, you will show up on your opponents' Radars by standing still for too long, firing off your Weapon or being in their line of sight, so move quickly but with both caution and purpose.When it comes down to actually making the move against your opponents, you have a couple of different options. Running straight up towards your opponent for a melee attack is a viable strategy. While it may not outright kill them, they will be knocked to the ground, making it impossible for them to do any damage to you. Take this valuable time to unload your clip while your opponent is vulnerable, but don’t forget to watch your back! If you opt for bullets over bludgeons, keep in mind headshots don't cause any extra damage in this mode. So rather than move your reticle up, keep your focus on body shots. While it will be very exciting to break up a team with a kill, stay on your toes and don't get too caught up in the celebration; if you die in the time it takes your victim's partner to off themselves, you won't win. Once you do break up a team, you and your lover will both get a third of your Health back. If you find yourselves in a Sudden Death situation keep on your toes, as all it takes is one hit to give your date a premature ending. ExtractionUse your Flare Gun to signal your Bodyguards for extraction but be wary of the Hit Squad.Stranded in the middle of nowhere, the Target must live by his wits and communicate effectively with his Bodyguards to ensure that they find him before the opposing Hit Squad does.As the Target, finding a hiding place as soon as possible is imperative. The Hit Squad will most likely start their search in the immediate area around the downed jet so staying in that area is not advisable. Your Flare Gun can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. Using it will highlight your position to your Bodyguards but can of course be seen by the Hit Squad as well. As with many Adversary Modes, communication is the key to success. When communicating with your Bodyguards call out landmarks around you to guide them to your location and keep an eye out for the rescue chopper while keeping your head down.If you find yourself on the Bodyguard team, consider the vehicle you select. A Helicopter may allow a fast extraction but is a visibly large target and can easily be taken out. Bikes are nimble and discreet but a Target can easily be picked off by enemy fire. Choosing a weaponized ground vehicle, such as the Insurgent Pick-Up, may be the slower option but will provide the best protection for your special cargo.As a member of the Hit Squad, keep your eyes peeled for any indication of the opposing team in the form of Flares or Helicopters. If you spot a Bodyguard en route to their Executive, firing on them right away may not be the best course of action. Instead, stealthily following your enemy in hopes that they’ll lead you to the location of the Target may be your best bet, as an exploding vehicle containing the Target makes for a guaranteed fiery demise. Previously:Rockstar Game Tips: Adversary Modes incl. Every Bullet Counts, Running Back, Slasher, Relay & Keep the Pace 
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Prosto z RockstarGames.com / [RSS] #BIKERS Snapmatic Photo Challenge Winners
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#BIKERS Snapmatic Photo Challenge Winners

Thanks to a fleet of new vehicles, along with new clothes and weapons to accompany a range of new illicit business ventures, GTA Online: Bikers unearthed a whole new world of creative possibilities for the Snapmatic community. Here, we proudly present the winners of the #BIKERS Snapmatic Photo Challenge, along with some exceptional honorable mentions.#BIKERS SNAPMATIC WINNERSCongratulations to the five chosen winners of the #Bikers challenge, each of whom took home a cool GTA$1,000,000 for their efforts.Outlaws by --EVOLUT7ON--Burn this mother down. Their new hogs parked just out of harm's way, --EVOLUT7ON-- and fellow members of The Magnificent Team set the O'Neil Ranch ablaze. Rat King by HandsomeHustlerrCan't knock the hustle. There's no doubt who the top dog of the junkyard is as HandsomeHustlerr stands next to his Rat Bike. Grand Senora Desert by BearandGunAs if the scenery wasn't breathtaking enough, BearandGun adds to the fading sky's beauty with this shot of an airborne Maibatsu Manchez.Rivals by Th3CosmicIn a roast of a battle, Th3Cosmic demonstrates this is anything but friendly as he lights up a rival compliments of the new Compact Grenade Launcher.Kickin' A** & Taking Names by AGuyWithBadLuckFor AGuyWithBadLuck things certainly seem to be going his way, standing his ground with a swift melee kick to an enemy biker.Other Honorable Mentions...A Coward's Worst Nightmare by Volganor - You can run but you can't hide as long as that Grenade Launcher is in Volganor's hands.Biker Duel (Jousting) by AlexSniperBullet - There's only one duel commandment on the streets of LS and Blaine, kill-or-be-killed. This snap by Alex is so nice, it's now been featured twice.Great Ocean HWY by PoomBEKOP - Reapers MC PC LS member PoomBEKOP strikes a killer pose under the shining lights of Mount Chiliad.Angels of Chaos by ChaosZake - This group of midnight riders make their way through the San Andreas darkness on the shine of their new two-wheeled monsters.Unite and Take Over by GVJLIMA - TMGT Lieutenant GVJLIMA, Representative MissJaguar and other members of this prolific Snapmatic Crew let their Rat Bikes do the walking and Battle Axes do the talking.The Right Lighter for Every Good Biker by JohnM90 - Keeping the dangers of unconventional lighting methods at bay with protective Outlaw Goggles, JohnM90 sparks up and looks good doing it. Previously:The GTA Online Community Hits the Road with BikersGTA Online: Bikers Now Available
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Prosto z RockstarGames.com / [RSS] GTA Online Halloween Specials, Anniversary Bonuses, New Vehicles & More
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GTA Online Halloween Specials, Anniversary Bonuses, New Vehicles & More

Coming this Friday, just in time for Halloween: Terrorize the streets of Los Santos with the menacing Sanctus.Hit the streets today with the new café racer inspired Pegassi Vortex motorcycle and starting this Friday, it’s time to enjoy the dark revelries of Halloween weekend in GTA Online with the release of the frightful new LCC Sanctus motorcycle, a bloodthirsty new Adversary Mode and more. And starting now through November 7, celebrate this month’s anniversary of GTA Online with a massive assortment of discounts spanning three years’ worth of content updates, as well as a chance to score some serious bonus cash.COMING THIS FRIDAY OCT 28: THE NEW SANCTUS MOTORCYCLE, LOST VS DAMNED MODE & MOREWith its eerie skull-studded design, the Sanctus is a dread-inducing piece of machinery, guaranteed to strike fear into passersby on your next midnight ride. The new Lost vs Damned mode is a classic battle between the forces of good and evil, as hordes of Devils and hosts of Angels battle it out for the right to rule. Complicating the conflict will be a day/night cycle that switches every 60 seconds, with night time benefiting the Devils and day time rewarding the Angels – with increased Armor, Health and superior Weapon loadouts during each team's prime time. Classic GTA Online Halloween vehicles and items will also be returning along with some special Event Week bonuses that we’ll have more info on this coming Friday.NOW AVAILABLE: THE PEGASSI VORTEX MOTORCYCLEThe latest addition to the collection of motorcycles from GTA Online: Bikers - Ride the highway to hell on the Pegassi Vortex, a sophisticated two-wheeled monster available for purchase as of today from Southern San Andreas Super Autos. Lean and lightweight, the Vortex is a versatile beast designed to suit every occasion.CELEBRATE THREE YEARS OF GTA ONLINE: GET A GTA$250K BONUS + 30% OFF SELECT ITEMS FROM CUNNING STUNTS, ILL-GOTTEN GAINS, LOWRIDERS AND MORETo commemorate three years of GTA Online, we're awarding anyone that logs in on PlayStation 4, Xbox One or PC from today through end of day Monday October 31st with a special GTA$250,000 gift, which will be deposited into your Maze Bank account by November 4th.There’s also 30% off a wide variety of vehicles, weapons and more – with fan-favorite items representing GTA Online content updates since November 2013's Beach Bum update - from the star-spangled Liberator to the devastatingly powerful Heavy Shotgun to the Zentorno, T20 and more. We've temporarily rescinded all rank and completion requirements, so you can take full, unadulterated advantage of these limited time discounts now through Monday, November 7th.BY LANDGrotti Turismo R (Super) - The Business UpdateGrotti X80 Proto (Super) -  Further Adventures in Finance and FelonyPegassi Zentorno (Super) - The High LifeProgen T20 (Super) - Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2Annis RE-7B (Super) - Cunning StuntsBravado Banshee (Sports) - Drop ZoneLampadati Furore GT (Sports) - Last Team StandingVoodoo Custom (Muscle) - LowridersWillard Faction Custom Donk (Muscle) - Lowriders: Custom ClassicsBenefactor Dubsta 6x6 (Off-Road) - I'm Not a HipsterVapid Liberator (Off-Road) - Independence Day SpecialAlbany Roosevelt (Sports Classics) - Valentine's Day Massacre SpecialBY AIRWestern Company Besra - The San Andreas Flight SchoolBuckingham Valkyrie - HeistsBuckingham Luxor Deluxe - Ill-Gotten Gains Part 1?BY SEAPegassi Speeder - Beach Bum UpdateThe Aquarius - Executives and Other CriminalsWEAPONSHeavy Shotgun - Last Team StandingMarksman Rifle - Last Team StandingCLOTHING & TATTOOSOutfits: Hipster - I'm Not a HipsterOutfits: Finance & Felony - Further Adventures in Finance and FelonyTattoos - LowridersTattoos - Lowriders: Custom ClassicsPREMIUM RACE: NIGHTLIFE (OCT. 25TH - 31ST)And now through Monday October 31st, take the high road over Downtown Los Santos for a chance to win big in the Non-contact Premium Race "Nightlife" on Motorcycles. As always, Triple RP is awarded to all partic*pants and a lucrative payout awaits those who finish in the top 3.Previously:GTA Online: Bikers Update - Two New Vehicles and Sixth Purchasable Property Now Available
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Prosto z RockstarGames.com / [RSS] GTA Online: Bikers Update - Two New Vehicles and Sixth Purchasable Property Now Available
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GTA Online: Bikers Update - Two New Vehicles and Sixth Purchasable Property Now Available

Last week's launch of Bikers featured loads of new gameplay including Clubhouse Contracts, new Business opportunities and more - alongside 13 new vehicles and a host of other additions - in one of the biggest GTA Online updates to date. Today, two new vehicles have been added to the roster of available rides. Plus, Dynasty 8 has answered the prayers of many players with the ability to purchase a sixth property.TWO NEW VEHICLES: WESTERN DAEMON CUSTOM AND BF RAPTORHitting the streets of Los Santos this week are the Daemon Custom and the Raptor. The new Daemon is the perfect way to let every passerby know you belong to a long and distinguished tradition of gangland chic. But if you crave that mixture of awe, confusion and arousal that only a turbo-charged three-wheeler can inspire, the Raptor is the ride for you.SIXTH PROPERTY NOW AVAILABLEAlready filled every square inch of garage space with cars too beautiful to sell? Stuffed your Clubhouse with as many perfectly modded rides as it’ll hold? Or are you just sick of having only one luxury apartment for every day of the working week? Your pain is real, but so is the cure: you can now purchase a sixth property.BIKERS BONUSES: OCTOBER 11TH - 24THStarting today, and running for a full two weeks through October 24th, take advantage of a new set of GTA Online discounts and unlockable rewards. You'll receive a black Western Logo Hoodie just by logging into GTA Online at any point over the next two weeks. There's also Double GTA$ & RP in the new Slipstream Adversary Mode, along with a special Double GTA$ & RP Playlist featuring a selection of Stunt Races (to join, just hit the prompt on the GTAV launch screen or select the Stunt Race Playlist from the Rockstar Playlists in the pause menu).If you need extra back-up for your newly formed Motorcycle Club or you’re looking for a break from police attention, both Lester and Merryweather have cut their prices in half across their entire catalog of Services. Those looking to make over their vehicles can head on over to Los Santos Customs where you'll receive 25% off Resprays, Tire Smoke, Rims and Turbos. And Ammu-Nation is trimming 25% off all Bullet Ammo, Tints, Body Armor, Throwables and Drum & Box Magazines.PREMIUM RACES: FOREST (OCT. 11TH - 17TH) & DOUBLE LOOP (OCT. 18TH - 24TH)During the bonus period there's two Premium Races on offer. Now through October 17th, zip through the trees at top speed in "Forest" (locked to Bikes). Don’t worry about opponents forcing you into the nearest tree trunk as the Race is also locked to Non-Contact. Then from October 18th through 24th, it's the gravity-defying "Double Loop", locked to the Super class. All Premium Race partic*pants earn Triple RP and have a shot at taking down GTA$ prizes for finishing 1st, 2nd or 3rd.EARN BONUS CASH NOW THRU OCTOBER 17THNow through Monday, October 17th get what you want even faster with GTA$ cash-back bonuses on any Bull, Great White, Whale or Megalodon Shark Card. The bigger the card value, the heftier the GTA$ bonus you'll get:Bull Shark - 15% money back (GTA$75,000)Great White Shark – 30% money back (GTA$375,000)Whale Shark – 35% money back (GTA$1,225,000)Megalodon Shark – 50% money back (GTA$4,000,000)All the bonus GTA$ you earn during that period will be automatically deposited as one lump sum in your in-game Maze Bank Checking account by Friday, October 21st. You can purchase Shark Cards in-game or via your favorite online or local retailer. Spend wisely, cash therapy is fleeting. More details.Previously:GTA Online: Bikers Now Available
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